Thursday, May 26, 2005

For the NRIs and Home loving Indians, a Petition is issued to Dr. Norlke,
Chairman - Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee,Stamp Development, U S Postal Service, Washington, DC by Indian American Citizen’s Council- Committee for Diwali Postage Stamp and written by Amitabh Sharma -"Issuance of US Postal Stamp on Diwali"

The Petition says: "Freedom of religion is a hallmark of United States of America." Commemorative stamps depicting festivals like Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Eid are issued by the U.S. Postal Department.“Diwali” presents all of us with an opportunity to reflect on the many ways, the talent, the history and the traditions of the Indian people who have contributed to our national life and cultural heritage. President George W Bush, this year- even though he was traveling in Asia, made sure that “Diwali” was celebrated in The White House and he sent personal greetings and felicitations to the community on “Diwali”.

Now, here is a chance for all Indians to sign the Petition and feel honored if a Diwali stamp is issued.Diwali is an age-old culture of our country which teaches us to vanquish ignorance that subdues humanity and to drive away darkness that engulfs the light of knowledge.


Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore has truly said: The night is black Kindle the Lamp of LOVE with thy life and devotion.

- ilaxi

Sunday, May 22, 2005

On a hot summer noon, tucked up on a sofa with the gaming devices, video games are a sure fire way to have 'Fun' Just the other day, Kajal told me that she will give me game cds to play on my computer and here, I find myself enjoying the car speed thrills n Doom - a long forgotten activity that again makes me jump up with joy n feel the car games thrill. And yeah, Doom has ever been my Fav! But than,let me say a secret, one got to know the
  • Cheat Codes
  • too!

    Moms set for TV channel for the Cartoon Network or Pogo channel, but for those lucky to play games - be it a video game like 'Pepsi Man' on Playstation or a game of Doom, Quake, Omikron, Tomb Raider or Car games like Indy car racing, motocross madness or games like Carmaggedon with bad guys, violence & thrilling cars stomach churning - many many new everyday, Games are just Fun packed with Entertainment and Concentration.


    Now this reminds me,
  • Maruti Suzuki Swift
  • , eye catching, compact car, catches its fair share of glances. The Swfit was born on the dusty combat grounds of the World Championship Rally that causes ripples as its soon-to-be-launched in town.


    I guess the Black Beauty is gonna thrill the stylish guys but the Red Wine is a pick of the fair beauties! Well, here is a Hyundai Accent too if you like and my next car to drive if Bins buy it right away - the
  • Silver Streak
  • (click to see the colors roll)


    - ilaxi