Sunday, May 22, 2005

On a hot summer noon, tucked up on a sofa with the gaming devices, video games are a sure fire way to have 'Fun' Just the other day, Kajal told me that she will give me game cds to play on my computer and here, I find myself enjoying the car speed thrills n Doom - a long forgotten activity that again makes me jump up with joy n feel the car games thrill. And yeah, Doom has ever been my Fav! But than,let me say a secret, one got to know the
  • Cheat Codes
  • too!

    Moms set for TV channel for the Cartoon Network or Pogo channel, but for those lucky to play games - be it a video game like 'Pepsi Man' on Playstation or a game of Doom, Quake, Omikron, Tomb Raider or Car games like Indy car racing, motocross madness or games like Carmaggedon with bad guys, violence & thrilling cars stomach churning - many many new everyday, Games are just Fun packed with Entertainment and Concentration.


    Now this reminds me,
  • Maruti Suzuki Swift
  • , eye catching, compact car, catches its fair share of glances. The Swfit was born on the dusty combat grounds of the World Championship Rally that causes ripples as its soon-to-be-launched in town.


    I guess the Black Beauty is gonna thrill the stylish guys but the Red Wine is a pick of the fair beauties! Well, here is a Hyundai Accent too if you like and my next car to drive if Bins buy it right away - the
  • Silver Streak
  • (click to see the colors roll)


    - ilaxi

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