Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Americans, Study Hard to beat Indians - Should Gandhi's gujarat 'Go Dry'?

The MSN News caption says, "Obama asks Americans to study hard, beat Indians" - Gives me a hearty laugh. Finally, the Americans think, they have a tough competition.

The Obama government has already taken steps for building foundation for 21st Century Education System to allow them to compete India and China and everybody else around the world. By 2020, results are expected for a Super Power Educated Americans.

Great Initiative. Btw, you can cross your fingers and watch for major Projects and Initiatives transforming our very loving Gujarat. All we need is a Positive approach as far as we want a 'Change' and Change will come - We shall Overcome.

However, I do regret the Deshi Liquor scam in Ahmedabad. Can we call this, negligence of the Police Department or the Government? It is high time, the dry land turns to wet and if not, some strict measures should be taken - Else, in every nook and corner of a posh locality or a low BPL (Below Poverty Line) area, one apt to find corruption and daru ka adda. The victims falling prey to drinking are more the teenagers and of course, the economically challenged backward and BPL people.

What do you think? Should Gandhi's Gujarat 'Go Dry' or should the rules be changed? Comments welcome.

- ilaxi