Saturday, April 16, 2005

A red carpet welcome to President Gen. Pervez Musharraf to India - Nay, not by many Indian Bloggers on the web who support 'Not Welcome Banner' by placing it on their websites. The detals can be found at
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    Well, well, now this does not mean that we do not welcome the President but on the contrary, Pervez Musharraf arrives in India for weekend of prayers, peace talks and cricket. As said on his
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  • - 'The fortune always favors The Brave, it doesn't matter what he wears' - he sure is 'Brave'! He says "It's a very historic visit. I think it has more chances of optimism because the environment is different. It is friendly and congenial and there is a desire on both sides to make it a success." One can only await how the Indian born Pakistani Leader tackles issues with PM over kashmir issue and soften the ceasefire line splitting Kashmir, including joint security for the bus service.

    Now, I heard the US - President Bush is excited with Indo-US ties.
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    Thursday, April 14, 2005

    The Invisible CEO By Krish


    Last friday, I went for the Launch of the book 'The Invisible CEO' by A.G. Krishnamurthy at Crosswords, Ahmedabad. As many of you know, A G. Krishnamurthy has been the founder chairman and managing director of Mudra Communications and he began the agency with a start-up capital of Rs.35,000 and one client. In just nine years, Mudra became India’s third and largest Indian advertising agency. Krish won Mudra many Awards but uh oh, the management changed soon after Dhirubhai Ambani passed off. Krish soon became a Consultant for Reliance Infocomm at Bombay as far as I know and simultaneously, he started AGK Brand Consulting in Hyderabad. The Book turns out to be a deep reflection and thoughts of a person who led Mudra and whose his memories roll back to the past with his experiences of his entire career. Krish says, "Dream and You can Do it" & "No matter how different you are, or how much of an 'odd man out' you feel, if you believe strongly enough and long enough, it is possible to continue to be who you are and make a success out of doing what you love"

    Read the Book, borrow or steal and you will find 'Leela', Krish's wife is the inspiration and no wonder, she is - because I've known her since years and she's one gem of a woman who is the power of his strength. Wondering how I can say this...well, Krish as we fondly called him, is my first Boss and its been my first interview for a job as 'Personal Steno-secretary' at Shilpi Advertising Ltd. Like Mr. Atul Tandan said at the Launch, Krish speaks so fast that we have to ask him to repeat to understand as when he speaks, his thoughts are ahead of his speech and sure, I agree as when he spoke, I could never understand and always made typing mistakes and got firing. But than, if he hadn't shouted, I wouldn't be what I am today!. Here's my Blog note on him which I wrote earlier.

    - ilaxi

    Sunday, April 10, 2005

    "advesta sarvabhutanam
    maitra karuna eva cha
    nirmano nirahamkarah
    samadukhhasukhah ksami" (Gita-12:13)
    "samtustah satatam yogi
    yatatma drdhanniscayah
    mayy arpitamanobhuddhir
    yo madbhaktah sa me priyah"(Gita-12:14)

    He who hates no one, is friendly and compassionate to all, free from
    thoughts of 'I' and 'mine', equal alike in joy and sorrow, ever forgiving (Gita-12:13)
    Ever content, self controlled, of firm resolve, such is he,
    having surrendered his mind and heart to me, the devotee dear to me (Gita-12:14)

    For three hundred years, religion has been losing its territory continuously. First, it attempted to destroy science. It possessed the domains of the world near and far. Like science proves and adds to the facts, religions try to prove they are right. Religion is defensive and in the name of God, faith exists but far too long, we have been hating and fighting. Its time to tackle real issues and build a temples to tolerance, understanding and love. War is violence. Violence rear violence to crush humanity. Humans have possessed a nature to destruction losing the control of the mind as egoism surfaces up. Common people crave for peace and have raised concerns to spread the message but it’s in the air deep rooted with differentiates with greed, corruption, beliefs and their protests go unheard by the so-called saviours of the nation.It is utter failure as who created the world doesn’t matter. All matters is who governs with a chaos leadership quality!

    Isn't this so true - exactly when we talk of peace; when two buses on 7 April were flagged for journey by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Pervez Musharraf who created such a historical moment with the bus between Srinagar and Muzaffarabad and the peace action begins. Now is the test trial of these very leaders to maintain peace. But,I hear President Musharraf and Dr. Wen Jao were signing a Defence Pact in Islamabad. Now, against whom is the Defence Pact visualized to be used? When the world has forgotten about SEATO and NATO, what was the need for a new Defence Pact in this part of Asia? Only the politicians know, anyways!