Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The print media is yet to make up its mind whether to compete or cooperate with the new challenger - The Internet & the Blogs! Print journalism players have a Web presence, that is mostly the result of a domino effect rather than a carefully thought out strategy. Sadly, the egoist attitude of the editorials always think their domains as 'own territory' but unfortunately, no more on the web. Here rules the righteousness. With Internet gaining popularity, the dynamics of readership changes. The fundamental principles of captive audiences changes. The Internet changed the way commerce and business functions. There lies the real challenge for the media to compete. Many of them remain content cum distribution centric activities with rising expenses, no marketing gains except the politicial triggered liasons!

Internet is media plus, not a print media property and so, web is the biggest revolution in our lives. Internet has in the last decade reached 40 million people and growing. It substitutes for your shopping; it substitutes for your bank; it substitutes for your newspaper and much more. Every minute, the news on web are updated and more, you read your choicest newspapers, websites and blogs in your newsreaders. Why, you can create your very own newspapers with the contents and feeds - the AP, Reuters, etc. and earn too. A journalist acquires great significance; he can make or break, destroy and mould. Depends on the attitude! A writer can expose, review, inform, entertain, teach, preach or just about perform his role in online media with clarity, power and impact. News, comments and entertainment are the axis on which the media world revolves and on the web, here is kidsfreesouls presenting Video News Feeds alongwith kids news, New York Times news syndication, more news for the tech savvy.

In recent months, it is fashionable to point at the increasing popularity of blogs as sign that traditional media may be under threat from so called citizen journalists. Yonder, with the recent Blogger bans, the proliferation of independent bloggers tells us that independent voices are more likely to be heard today than in the era where a few media oligopolies ruled. And with the rising tech savvy, watch out for the search on the search engines to see more Bloggers with their voice, more news and kids news websites coming your way - the 20-30s generation when reached to 35-40 bracket, the web is to rule.

The impact of the change is Information Media and Internet is the age of Participation. Readers are not passive recipients of news, but participate in the process. You decide, which is the media? The TV channel or newspaper? Or the SMS platform? Or the web, forums, blogs & social networking!

- ilaxi