Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Health concerns and Sri Ravishankerji's views on Vote bank politics

I just updated my Health Blog as World Health Day was on 7th April. Normally, we celebrate days quite casually without giving a thought over it but Health concerns and it really matters! Especially, those on the Internet with couple of hours on surfing and even maintaining sites or promoting and marketing own blogs. Here is on Kidsfreesouls with link to my health blog on Austin 360, Statesman.

Well, I was just reading Sri Sri Ravishankerji's site and he says,

" India's problems are complex. And unfortunately these are compounded by vote-bank politics. Instead of uniting the different sections of society, many politicians divide it to keep their vote banks intact. If people are united, politicians won't be able to get votes through divisive politics. In such a situation, the only way for them to win votes would be through good performance. As citizens, we must protect our country from those who manipulate issues for their personal gains and who lead by playing vote-bank politics. Those with vested interests support insensible decisions and oppose sensible ones. We have to steer clear of such leaders. We must encourage broad-minded politicians and leaders to come forward and take charge, and to educate and uplift the society - spiritually, morally and socially. We need leaders who are satya-darshi (truthful), sam-darshi (equanimous), priya-darshi (pleasant), paar-darshi (transparent) and door-darshi (visionary). So, before we elect our leaders, we should examine their qualifications. We must elect leaders who will do away with policies based on caste, creed, religion and region; who will ensure that every child gets a multi-cultural, multi-dimensional education. We need leadership with a mission and a vision, leadership with a spirit of sacrifice, compassion and commitment. We must choose leaders who have a long-term vision and short-term plans to achieve it. They should have great personal integrity, and place the country before themselves......Read More"

Good Politicians do exist or do they? I wonder. One thing sure can be said for Modi's Gujarat is that though there are shades of grey of the riots, there is peace and before the name Gujarat comes in 'Modi's Gujarat' - This indicates that if we wish to see a dream shaping up for Gujarat, each one of us must not only vote but also encourage others around us to vote. When good, intelligent and well-educated people don't vote, they play into the hands of politicians, who use money and vote bank politics to seize power. Isn't this true? Ask many Youth, they never voted but now, they see some Power within their own Government and like the efforts of Jagoree, Aap vote nahi kar rahe toa aap so rahe ho'

Well, log in to Jaagore - and of course, Yahoo Election 09 and Money Control - kafi Interesting!

- ilaxi

Monday, April 06, 2009

Blogger allows Transfer of blog - for good!

There's been change on the Sambhaav site - all for good! I had been looking for the change for quite some time as the site badly needed a make-over.

This gives me an opportunity to explore Google Blogger more deep within and I find the changes at google end too.

Since quite some years, I wished I could change the name ' to something like 'random notes' and here's Google offering ftp updates to my own domain or just transferring to a new domain name through Google Partner for $10. This means, the readers can follow my all time notes to the new domain I choose.

Till I make the changes, keep following the blog or just drop in, pass by or say hi at - And here's a small quote that says:

"Everything that's worth something, costs something. The most important things are worth the price you have to pay to obtain them"

Well, we start paying a price sometimes for being Too Nice - For our Own Good! Check on the review and you will like to read it. As such, the book isn't available at crosswords or any book shop in town.

- ilaxi