Monday, April 06, 2009

Blogger allows Transfer of blog - for good!

There's been change on the Sambhaav site - all for good! I had been looking for the change for quite some time as the site badly needed a make-over.

This gives me an opportunity to explore Google Blogger more deep within and I find the changes at google end too.

Since quite some years, I wished I could change the name ' to something like 'random notes' and here's Google offering ftp updates to my own domain or just transferring to a new domain name through Google Partner for $10. This means, the readers can follow my all time notes to the new domain I choose.

Till I make the changes, keep following the blog or just drop in, pass by or say hi at - And here's a small quote that says:

"Everything that's worth something, costs something. The most important things are worth the price you have to pay to obtain them"

Well, we start paying a price sometimes for being Too Nice - For our Own Good! Check on the review and you will like to read it. As such, the book isn't available at crosswords or any book shop in town.

- ilaxi

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