Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall!!! Yeah, with the happy ending of the Vibrant Gujarat Uttarayan (Kite)festival in town, it's been real amusing to see the fall of CM in a rose petal water pool! He slips too fast, be it speech or jumping to conclusion - that's his real problem! However, lemme admit, the guy CM Narendra Modi can turn dreams to reality and I mean it coz he can prove to make the Mega city look dazzling as it was lit up glittery during the festival. The bridges - Gandhi Bridge, Nehru Bridge and Sardar Bridge were all lit up, transforming the look and feel of the Town-Hall too.

With the Tourism year 2006, I think Gujarat would definitely turn splendour its Heritage places to welcome the guests and provide the rich culture. CM feels that the first priority is to attract tourists to the State. But the bigger challenge remains making them stay. To ensure this it is important to develop the infrastructure and create more entertainment and relaxation zones around the spot. I hear Gujarat Govt. embarks on Rs.15.99 Crore to develop infrastructure of 12 Tourist places round the state. These centres include Saputara, Udwara, Nal Sarovar, Tarnetar, Sankeswar, Dakor, Nareswar, Kabirwad, Somnath, Palitana etc. I hear, in my home town village 'Vadnagar', CM's village too, the Tana Riri spot is being developed with memories of the great Tansen gonna come alive and a five star hotel is being built with the Taranga Hill Resort turning up in great shape.

No wonder, CM Narendrabhai is declared 'Personality of the year 2005' by readers in an opinion poll in Chitralekha Magazine. According to the magazine, Modi got 49 per cent votes from Gujarat and 17 per cent from Mumbai. Even Amitabh Bacchan lag behind to 3rd position!

Who cares whether the Congress alleges Modi for the breach of protocol by sending a junior Minister to deputise for him at an official function in Porbandar on Thursday in which President Abdul Kalam took part. Congress miss out that Anandiben was there for Kalam's lecture on "21st century's higher education in India" while CM was busy here flying kites. After all, 59 expert kite fliers from 21 countries, including Italy, France, the United Kingdom, China, Japan and Thailand, and about 80 experts from different parts of the country participated in the kite festival.

All a part of the game!

- ilaxi