Friday, October 06, 2006

Guardian of Angels:A practical guide to joyful parenting - My New Book is available at leading International Bookstores on the web. Grab Your copy Now online or order/Buy from the nearest Bookstore in your area.

My special thanks goes to many people who made this book possible. Not to forget to mention my parents and esp. Bhupatdada and MJ Akbar and all my Freesouls & Kidsfreesouls fans and my readers online whose comments, suggestions, concerns helped me a lot to write the book and publish in print. Here's what I quoted last week "If you do everything with the feeling of happiness, there is no task too difficult to perform. A human mind is like a parachute, always keep open and allow the great ideas to enter - after all, it's work a worship and creativity, a step towards nourishing your talents. So enjoy life, enjoy all that you do." And here I am - enjoying all that I do:-)

I hope this book will be useful to many individuals who nurture a genius in their child. Please feel free to add your comments on my Plog/Blog and write your reviews too at Amazon. Feel free to email me too. Thank You!

- ilaxi