Saturday, September 19, 2009

Navratri begins - Check Faith

Navratri begins and as you watch live the inaugural function at Gujarat University, click Kidsfreesouls Navratri pages to listen to Arti (wait till it plays or download) and find info.

Dive deep to your inner self and see what your conscious say!

Do you go to temple to pray & hardly take the trouble to join hands in your own home temple
Do you have bias against other religions? If yes, .Why?
Have you fought over religion with someone anytime?
Do you insist on your own religious beliefs or respect others too?
Do you think religion is more a hype nowadays?
Do you think people have turned religious as temples line up with devotees or is it due to problems they turn?
Has religious places turned to be business booming?
Do you keep prejudice because of religion?
Do you read the books of your own faith or others too?
Have you read the book of your religion?
Do you think religious stories were ‘framed’ by our ancestors?
When you celebrate a festival, do you try to find the Religious aspects behind it?
When you pray, what do say? Where are your thoughts?
Do you have faith in yourself and things that you can do? In others?

- ilaxi

Friday, September 18, 2009

Anti Terror Quick Response Teams

Gujarat plans to set up 111 anti-terror Quick Response Teams (QRTs) in it's move to toughen the drive against terrorism. The QRTs will operate 365 days round the clock in every corner of the State with hi tech weapons, equipments and vehicles.

Awaiting for approval for its proposal sent to the centre, Gujarat will be the first state to have such high level security. The 111 QRTs will be set its base with 78 Quick Response Teams in Districts, 12 in Ahmedabad, 6 in Vadodara, 6 in Surat, 3 in Rajkot, 3 in Western Railway (Vadodara) and 3 in State Control Room (Gandhinagar)
Where there is a mass, there is a movement and where there's a dynamic leader, State develops!
- ilaxi

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What you can do for your Gujarat?

September 17 and it had to be wishing the CM Narendra Modi on his birthday! Though he seems to be in Delhi and out of reach for many of his fans, you can always step into the new look designed website of CM and even get an opportunity to do something for Gujarat by being a volunteer.

What best gift can you give? Think and there you find the answer 'What you can do for your Gujarat'

- ilaxi

Monday, September 14, 2009

GCCI Business women wing Exhibition

GCCI Business Women's Wing recently held an Exhibition named 'Garima 2009' at its premises for products manufactured, traded and marketed by women Entrepreneurs. The Inauguaration was by Mr. Bharat Sharma, Zonal Head, ICICI and Guest Mrs. Jimmy Nanda, Mrs. India, Mrs. Universe Runner up.

This year, being the Silver Jubilee Year of the Wing, a committee is initiated to lift the self-esteem of businesswomen. The committee will focus on five areas, namely textiles, food processing, jewellery, handicrafts and tourism, informed Mrs. Neeta Shah, Chairperson of the Business women's wing. Priorities for overall development of women - enhancing their skills of English language and Computer skills will also be a major program considerations, she said. Supported by Co-Chairperson Deepa Shah and other active committee members, the Business women's wing is set to pace ahead to make women See Dreams, Think Big and Do IT.

The Exhibition stall participants were exclusive 'Women Entrepreneurs. The Exhibition was applauded by Women Entrepreneurs/stall holders who appreciated the Business women wing's efforts by providing three ps - proactive, platform and problem solving to lead to progress.

The wing conducted a three-day seminar on entrepreneurship for women to guide them on finance management, marketing management and other aspects of business. The programs and seminars were conducted for women on all the three days by various field experts who imparted their knowledge.

The expert Designer, Villoo Mirza also shared her experience and knowledge with the women entrepreneur. " We should feel hungry for knowledge. I am not a textile person by profession but learnt in process of love of work. I am an artistic and an aesthetic person," Villo Mirza said. She gave insight to various design techniques while she learnt with her wide experience being the Design Head at Gurjari, later NID and NIFT and now with associated with SEWA. She believed in 'No Spoon Feeding' but students should learn to understand the fabric behavior, material usage and many other things while they work with garments. Having imparted training at Arvind, she spoke on marketing and how to sell the products while focusing on quality. A presentation of Garment Design, fashion and styles was showed to the members explaining in detail.

A participant Prerak Soni and his wife who deal with Jewellery (SIPL) raised their concern on how to reach maximum customers apart from such exhibition. It so happens that due to time constraints of women and lack of reach and awareness, business drops at a time. They requested the wing to form an Association and provide information of such buyers with respective products. Mrs. Neeta Shah showed her cooperation and said, will initiate and help women to find resources. Mrs.Villo Mirza came with an idea to make constructive use of closed Mills and set up Clusters at one place for products like production units, packaging, marketing etc. so that all required facilitate easy working.

Well, I think, Sparks and they are sparklers - A positive 'Team Work' plays a role and a well 'Delegated' Leader's team can only bring results!

- ilaxi