Thursday, September 17, 2009

What you can do for your Gujarat?

September 17 and it had to be wishing the CM Narendra Modi on his birthday! Though he seems to be in Delhi and out of reach for many of his fans, you can always step into the new look designed website of CM and even get an opportunity to do something for Gujarat by being a volunteer.

What best gift can you give? Think and there you find the answer 'What you can do for your Gujarat'

- ilaxi



i have created a blog

do become a member and contribute in comments and highlighting the positive facts about Gujarat.

ilaxi said...

definitely - stay tuned.

willson said...

Interesting… I might try some of this on my blog, too. It’s quite interesting how you sometimes stop being innovative and just go for an accepted solution without actually trying to improve it… you make a couple of good points.

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