Saturday, April 25, 2009

CM Narendra Modi's Hindi and Sanskrit website launch

The official website CM Narendra Modi will today be launched in Hindi and Sanskrit at 5.00 p m at Ellisbridge Gymkhana. Vishwa Hindu Parishad President Shri Ashok Singhalji, head of the Sat Kaival Sampradya Acharya Shri Avichaldasji Maharaj and Sanskrit scholar Shri Dayabhai Shashtri will grace the function with their presence. The website launch in these two languages will help connect the masses, especially the younger generation, which is tech savvy and more likely to respond via the web medium, directly with the visionary leader.

Sanskrit is the most revered language since the ancient age of Indus Valley civilization. The CM believes that Sanskrit texts carry the fundamental underlying ideas of humanity at the highest level, and is of great relevance to us even today, as we cannot build a prosperous future without understanding our roots. Echoing the views of three of the greatest Indian revolutionaries – Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo, and Acharya Vinoba Bhave – that Sanskrit is the best way to integrate and revitalise India, the CM Narendra Modi, is determined to make Sanskrit the language of every Indian a reality.

As such, Gujarati version of the site is already available, Hindi will suffice more power being the nationally spoken language. CM's vision and tech savvy awareness tend to go miles further to take Gujarat on a higher milestone of success.

The CM's website is extremely comprehensive about the aims and vision of the Modi government. It is informative both about projects already under way and future initiatives and policies. As you log on, every day you find latest updates and I am sure, you can find more on this site as the Sanskrit and Hindi goes live soon...Read more on this here.

- ilaxi

Friday, April 24, 2009

Change will Come!

2 Million active campaign volunteers, 18% of total voter turnout, 2.1% Youth voted for Obama and Obama eventually won by 7% - Twitter, Facebook communities, door to door campaigns, pressure on friends and relatives, volunteer phone calls and Change has come to America - Youth changed the America!

With a campaign for the Loksabha Elections, Youth can change India. Half of the population in India is below 25 and 2/3 under the age of 35. They can bring the transformation and a great big change. Leaders like the CM of Gujarat can bring in a change who can be another Obama and its words and words only but more, Actions too that shows the results. I was just watching the Headlines show yesterday and found a Leader who had a challenging answers to the Anchor Rahul Kanval. As I wait for the transcript to come my way, what I gather is, here's a leader who has a vision to the future. He do not believe in 'forgiveness' and boldly says, 'Hang me' if found guilty. I guess, for a common person, what is important is development and not hang on to the who, how, what where or why and things that do not matter to him the most. What Gujarat is today, never was Before! The development of the State is on a fast pace and as I dig into the minute details of the State to pen down, I find Gujarat on a Map of the world - standing tall with its rich heritage, culture and economic growth.

Well, a debate can go on this but for now, find the pic of Debate panel of Headlines Today after the Interview of CM Narendra Modi by Rahul Kanval while travelling in airplane on 24th April. Log on to the CMs site for his tour programs as he has to his credits, more meetings than any other leader and more energy as he devotes his entire life for the Development of Gujarat and progress of India. Btw, a Poll conducted in Times of India as to which Leader would people pick to run the country, Narendra Modi's came on top. Read more on this here. Indeed, a matter of pride.

- ilaxi

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

E-greetings - an Innovative idea

Politics and it's ever been 'World of Word wars' - A race to power and power to glory - However, glory for the nation, people, fans, believers, supporters - What one could dream is Best among the rest who can bring about a difference!

Politicians, like Osho said, There would be no wars if they wouldn't exist. There would be no need fo the nations. Neither would Narendra Modi be bugged by the SRPs (Sonia, Rahul, Priyanka) nor would there be remote controlled politicians - Words and it's only words that makes wonder, I wonder!

Well, here is an Innovative Audio e-card with a quote by the CM with a witty cartoon or image of the leader who stand tall to take on the Congress in his most characteristic style. You can personalize the e-greetings with your message or by selecting a quote thereby. Import friends' ids and send them too.

- ilaxi