Friday, June 26, 2009

Spreading Literacy - Heal the World!

To improve the quality of primary education in the state every educated person, non-government organisations and youth should devote at least 100 hours teaching the less privileged children, says CM Narendra Modi.

On the first day of the Educational yatra 1,82,800 students were admitted in various schools from which 87,048 were girls. The kindergarten also saw a wave of admission with 1,18,855 kids being admitted and of them 56,449 were girls. Rs 2.36 crore were donated among other items to various schools as well. In this drive, as many as 225 IAS, IPS and IFS officials and 30 ministers visited 8,638 schools in the state.

Posing as a role of School Teacher, the leader spreads a message of Literacy and encourages kids for Education as this is a prime concern as they are the future of the State.

Check for more on CMs website and meanwhile, as we miss the King of the Pop, here's a small tribute to Michael Jackson on Kidsfreesouls - Heal the World!

- ilaxi

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rathyatra 2009

Rathyatra and as usual, thousands of devotees at the procession as CM Narendra Modi remained present as per the tradition, did the symbolic cleaning of road from where the chariots of Lord Jagannath, Balram and their sister Shubhadra passed.

Check for some pics and details here....and find what does Rath mean? Rath in Hindu Scriptures is meaningful...Body Rath, Samsara Rath & Life Rath...

- ilaxi