Monday, May 29, 2006

As Football fever hits Germany, here is my choice of a game that I am too excited to watch if at all I had a chance to visit Germany. Seventeen years after the fall of Berlin wall, a reunifed Germany will throw open the doors to the world. Heyy, gossip...gossip...Did you hear that the newspapers are reporting about Bollywood actors who wanna visit Germany for the Game show. six of them packing up - John Abraham is the first in the lead, I hear.

Well, if these celebrities hit at right spots, they're cool, Aamir Khan should have blah blah on going to Germany rathar than go for Narmada - At least Fanaa would not be losing money from Gujarat! Anyways, Germany has won the World Cup three times, most recently in 1990, the year of German reunficiation.

Watch out for the game, if you interested to read all over the web. Search Google and there, you find 32 teams, 64 games and One Prize - Here's the World Cup Blog, 34 Bloggers reporting daily on every detail of the world's greatest sporting event.

-Enjoy! (Who says newspapers are the only medium for reporting on web? No more...!)

- ilaxi