Saturday, February 26, 2005

Four Magic Words “We can’t afford it” should be a part of every child’s education. A child who has never heard those words – or also has never been forced to abide by their meaning, has surely been cheated by their parents. As exercise strengthens the body, frugality strengthens the spirit. Without its occasional discipline, character suffers. All a parent need to do is 'Nurture the Genius in your Child'. The most priority is the Emotional support, which is always found to be fairly on high rate. The tiny brains get into whirlpools of fear, anxiety and uncertainty as to what the future beholds. In today’s developed Technology world, EQ is the basic requirement for the appropriate use of IQ. Success to cope up with life’s situations depends on Emotional Intelligence – the thinking that gives us empathy, compassion and the ability to respond appropriately to pain or pleasure. Each child, flourish to bloom at a tender age with feelings of empathy, an innate quality that shapes by experience. 90% of Emotional communication is non verbal and children who score less in IQ have found to be successful in their up growth due to EQ. It is more evident that present times demand more IQ, EQ and the coming third wave generation would definitely have to sort for the third ‘Q’ – SQ (Spiritual Quotient) Blend the three together and one is sure to bloom with full creativity, emotions and intelligence with ‘Spirituality’ as the basic feeling of being connected with one’s complete self, others and the entire universe.


Friday, February 25, 2005

A lot of Ups and Downs - That's Life! And yeah, wondering where Life drifts away! It is said 'There is always a calm after a storm and that's when Peace prevails" Sometimes some things just happen and we tend to ignore the truth that we are sailors surfing in a sea of life where there is no 'looking back' but always a forward journey - no Destination but performing our chores and offering the best we have to the world to whom we are committed.

Well, after a long, long, long time, I am back again here with an Edit note. Time is always short but not an excuse. Anyways, I read this book of Deepak Chopra recently:

My Best pick of Chopra had been The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success and no wonder, his message conveys that our comfort and security are ultimately the fruits of War. One wonders!
Mahatma Gandhi's famous quote says : "There is no way to peace. Peace is the way." Ultimately, however, the ego itself has to be disarmed to live the way of peace, Deepak assures: "For me as an individual to be free, I have to confront myself with questions about who I really am, and this is done in large part by examining the layers of false identity that I mistakenly call me." If enough people change their minds about peace, the world can transform itself. Deepak Chopra offers a seven-point plan for every individual; each step, from meditating for peace to acting peacefully, seems painfully simple, but Chopra makes a convincing case that peace must begin with each of us. Peace is within!

Peace Be with You! And here's to say 'Watch for the Big Bash Birthday of Sambhaav on 12th March and sure, a surprize waiting for Readers - Any Guessing?