Sunday, October 16, 2005

They call him Hitler and the Hitler Wins! Modi's charisma and style of campaining has proved him to be Number one and no wonder, the Mega city Ahmedabad is all gonna lead to road ahead of success to reach Number one in India. As such it is! Well, Afterall, apna narendrabhai che - What he promises to janta, he keeps his word.

Yeah, BJP sweeps Ahmedabad civic Polls and Narendrabhai's 'Jan Sampark Yatra' has waved the magic wand. The congress fails miserably and Keshubhai's men failed cause it's the people power and citizens are too well aware and confident that Narendra Modi and his team can 'Dream big, perform big' and provide rapid development. The 21st century voter with very high aspiration uses only one yardstick to judge a party that this new gen Hitler has the super power to bring about the changes and its time we now wait and watch - what Next? One thing is sure, it's time for Keshudada now to sit and relax and do nothing - Like Osho says!

- ilaxi