Tuesday, September 13, 2005

As our CM blows the trumpet of being No.1 CM of India (Hero No.1)through the newspaper advertisements & hoardings at many crossroads in Ahmedabad, here's fresh rounds of attack on Narendrabhai's Gujarat, accusing it of glorifying Adolf Hitler in School text books. In the land of Mahatma, a nazi leader cannot be a role model!!! Quite obvious. When IGNOU launches a course 'Gandhi & the Contemporary World', here's the reasoning that the Center cannot interfere as far as Education is a State subject. No way, many think that after the Gujarat riots, our CM is in disguise - reincarnation of Hitler! Well, I've heard constructive criticism helps sometimes and the results we see in Gujarat is tremendous - I am proud to live in the land of Narendrabhai, I confess.

This Hitler deserves the No.1 CM label and we gujaratis enjoy getting 'progressive' with all CM's and his cabinet's efforts. Believe it or not! Why see how the seeds are sown...its best to relish & cherish the taste of the fruit. Politics se hame kya lena dena - this is all a common citizen feel, afterall.


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