Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Robin sharma is soon to visit India for his Motivational Programme in metro cities. I guess the charges are exorbitant to attend the seminar and listen to the life coach in real person. All his books are great think tanks and you can read my reviews at Amazon. However, here's the review of Robin Sharma #1 best selling 'The Saint, the Surfer, and the CEO'. His website is newly re-designed lately and you can peek into the Inner circle to fetch gems from the author.

A motivational speaker and a Life Coach, Robin Sharma's Favorite Quote: "To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die." by Thomas Campbell has ever touched my heart to believe in living the Heart's desire. This book is a peppy read with all Goodness lessons in these times when moral values are waning. Robin's wisdom on life has profound insights and breakthrough ideas for self-leadership and living your best life. The book has a story about one man's quest to discover the answers to life's greatest questions. Robin Sharma reveals joys of living and suggests ways on how to stop betraying your self and live your destiny. Robin has practical wisdom for self feeling of goodness, conquering stress and balancing life with better fruitful relationships. His theory on self transformation has an impact on living life with adventurous feel and simplicity. He suggest ways of conversations with self. He tells to go deep inside the soul and begin the process of knowing yourself. He says "Self- knowledge is the starting point of personal excellence. Detect your largest values, define how you really wish to conduct your life, and think about what makes you happy. Clarify what standards you feel you need to live your life under in order to be true to yourself, then articulate how you'd occur in the world if you were really thinking, acting and feeling in authentic ways." The book is a good Life Changing Advice. He says 'Rather than spending all your time trying to do great things, spend more time trying to be a great person. That is the secret to doing great things.' Among his other books-'The Monk who solf his Ferrari' series is a great read and if ever you catch a listening of his speech, Robin's got a cool voice, a fluent spiritual excellency that flows the words with ease to be digested for better living. Grab a Copy of Robin Sharma #1 best selling 'The Saint, the Surfer, and the CEO' - Live the heart's desire! A great Pick.


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tasy said...

I became suspcious of Robin Sharma's ethics and integrity when the management where I work started giving away the 'Monk who sold his Ferrari' as prizes. Happily, I won something else but I did borrow another of his books and I realized that this not the book for people who do not want to be manipulated. Anyone who wants to make some meaningful adjustments in his or her own life should read 'Changing for Good' by Prochaska, DiClemente, Norcross