Friday, May 13, 2005

Urban lifestyles is killing today's Younger Generation' - A lot of Stress and people hardly have time to breathe! Many a students seem to be facing net surfer stress syndrome as per the recent survey. It's during these times, the Essential Manager Series book 'Reduce Stress'By Tim Hindle becomes a Great Read!

Reduce Stress : Essential Managers
By Tim Hindle
Review by: ilaxi

How Stressed Are You? This is the first question arising in today's Tech times. World Health Organization has predicted that by 2020, depression will be the greatest burden of ill health in the developing world and will be the second largest cause of death and disability!!!! One wonders but sure this book has a great in-depth dose of Reducing Stress pills of info with analysis Quiz on Page 16 that actually lets one recognize existence of stress and later reducing it. In Analyzing the causes of Stress, society, the working world and daily life have changed almost beyond recognition in the past 50 years and these changes have contributed to a major increase in stress, says the author. Many factors add fuel to blown minds as we deal coping with daily life. The book has cool tips on Getting Organized in life itself, manage time, check the attitudinal traits, taking out time to relax, understanding personality types, building better relationships and check Health. Emotional despair is a major health disorder and so, before it's late, check those Stress flaws and learn to use mind power through Tim Hindle's book on 'Reducing Stress' - a Good Pick.

- ilaxi

Monday, May 09, 2005

Bins told me that I missed out updating on Mother's Day. Well, now I thought that it's like a herd mentality. When someone does something, the other adopts. Most of the kids site had Mother's Day feature but Kidsfreesouls - Nay, I did not miss coz the culture page already has the info on Mother's Day! I don't think that the kids need to be reminded every year to show love and care for moms. Today's generation is changing at a quick pace and they know much more than we use to know.A child is influenced with the supportive parent who can bring about the difference between the child’s success and failure. A parental encouragement is the greatest impact on the child. If you show love, you get love - If you care, You are cared for - All missing is little bit of Sacrifice, tolerance, somewhere, here and there!

Now, here are two great books to read and I am sure, you will at least gimme bouquets and no brickbats:-)Chicken Soup Soul series are all great inspirational gems.

Sometimes many parents become oversentimental about motherhood.Stories about maternal love, courage, devotion, and triumph can be immensely comforting and inspiring.You find all the heart warming stories of experiences - of moms who got their motherhood, who lost a child, seeing miracles happen, honoring grandmom wisdom and so on.All moms would love to be appreciated with a book like this one and gift other moms too!

From Chicken Soup for Woman's soul,there are so many Inspiring and touching tales that fills our hearts with emotion.

One wonders 'why' things happen as they shouldn't or 'How' do miracles change the course of our lives. There are moments in everybody's life where at a point you encounter obstacles, where your self esteem gets low, attitude differences opine or whatever be, awe-inspiring stories of this book glues you to stir your heart to be more wiser. It rekindles the spirits undoubtedly when we read the emotional narrations of others and wonder - We too come across lot of experiences in life. Should we not pen it down? Easy it may seem, needs inspirations like these stories to share alike tales. This book sure is a great 'light up spirits' book for woman, self inspirations you can say. Topics on Love, Attitude & self esteem, Special moments, Dreams, Truth & wisdom n more are widely covered which makes it a special read. I cherish this book and read n re-read at times.

- ilaxi