Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Are you a Game Freak? Yeah, I am! Occassionally I play games to ease stress when my mind refuse to digest the games people play! Believe me, people play behind your back and during these times, a sane advice from me - Keep cool and listen to music or play video games.

You know what? Jon Jacobs, a director of independent films,spent $100,000 On Virtual Space Station In Online Game! We not gonna do that but its for Real! In one of the largest sales yet of property in an online game, a Miami resident has bought a virtual space station for $100,000 and wants to turn it into a cross between Jurassic Park and a disco. The reports of Information Week say that Jon plans to call the space resort, in the science-fiction themed game Project Entropia, "Club Neverdie." Like other land areas in the game that has been visited by 300,000 players, the resort grounds will spawn dinosaur-like monsters, which visitors can kill. Jon also plans to hire Disc Jockeys to entertain visitors once a week.

Now this is gaming zones but mind you, be careful on the game site coz you can find the pop up touching your Registry files any time and there lies the never ever moving Ads that show when you connect the net. It pops up ads of and the damn screen saver ads - I hate them! It also eats your bandwidth, slower down your computer - only that its harmless when your tech person will say 'its virus' - Blah ! These tech guys in India cannot even read English, many can't even log to internet and don't even know of the Anti spy softwares and only shoot up telling you to format your computer! Goodness me, Its real tough to make people understand Tech! Anyways,thats the rosy world of Computing....!!!!!

- ilaxi