Friday, November 12, 2010

Blink, blink - Do you read?

Recently when Barrack Obama visited India, the first lady Michelle Obama had been active with children and spontaneously answered their questions even on home alone! When President of US tackled on conflicts across the world, it was curious minds who asked how they managed conflicts at home. Michelle Obama spontaneously revealed about who blinked first when she and Barrack Obama had a tiff. It is quite obvious reply that it was the President and I think, one who blinks first is the one who is a loser - a communication understanding that I give up! And, it happens to all when there's an emotional trigger. Try this exercise and one who blinks first is gentle and soft at heart.

Well, let this be aside but one important thing to note is that Michelle Obama highlighted India's need for Education. She explained school children the importance of education and to be prepared for life's challenges. She was concerned for literacy and focused on power of education and suggested that India urgely expand literacy and deepen education. Not only get educated for jobs but also be well versed to read and write and understand with critical thinking, engage in debate and face challenges to gear up for change. Seminars, workshops and engaging thinkers, writers, leaders, idols should be a part of in school and college education. Knowledge economy can help India grow more intellectually and technology advancement to attain economy power and profit.

The UNDP Multidimensional Human Development report shows that 55% of India's Population is poor. The new data also shows that even in states generally perceived as prosperous such as Haryana, Gujarat and Karnataka, more than 40% of the population is poor by the new composite measure, while Kerala is the only state in which the poor constitute less than 20%.

Quite obvious, Gujarat lag behind in Literacy and this is when the CM fully functions with the Vanche Gujarat calling for Gujaratis to enrich knowlege. The Vanche Gujarat Abhiyaan brings the State together to Read. A powerful orator, an avid read and an original thinker, the Gujarat CM reads and encourages others to read.

I have been conducting Reading class since 1991 at Swagat Children Library. Every Saturday it has been a 'Samay Daan' for few hours for children and with flow of time, I have noticed that Reading is completely on the back seat. No parents nor children have the patience to read nor do have the concentration. For students, where is the time? Same goes for Parents who have to do the projects for kids given in schools and follow up their schedule.
What do you think? Do you think the Vanche Gujarat Campaign will motivate all for reading? Will this be temporaty reading or indeed, Gujaratis will focus on reading? Whatever, leave your comments/thoughts and do visit Swagat Children Library page and should you want to start one like this in your area, I give no franchise but free ideas to run a Children's library - go on, start one like me. My journey since 1991 go on and its a mission to spread literacy and focus on overall development at a time when schools can only teach and confuse children !

- ilaxi