Monday, December 01, 2003

December 2 marks the World Computer Literacy Day - a total spread of Computer Literacy to a mass of people all over the globe. Flagged for a start by Mr. Arun Shourie, Union Minister of Communication & Information Technology, the Campaign aims to train a total 2 Lac people on computers through its over 3800 education centers world wide. A major initiative taken by NIIT, this has met a greater support by Sify & Sify iway and a leading newspaper Times of India. With over 9 million PCs and over 20 million Internet users, it is becoming essential for users to be computer literate and World computer Literacy drive presents tremendous opportunity for bridging the digital divide as well as creating IT savvy people in home land for an advanced IT savvy Tech India.

On this WCLD, a concern: - Kids computing is like "electronically sugar-coated 'learning' that may spoil children's appetite for the main course." Encouraging children to "learn" by flitting about in a colorful multimedia world is a recipe for a disorganized and undisciplined mind sometimes. Kids should be encouraged to blossom and flower in a free atmosphere. Their development should be in their own capacities. Barry Sanders, Professor at Pitzer college, US says "good readers grow out of good recites and good speakers." Then, as a child matures, his success in reading and writing nurtures his "innermost, intimate guide, the self." So any threat to language and literacy may limit children's "inner voice" - their capacity to tell themselves stories and talks themselves through academic or other problems. Those who place their faith in technology to solve the problems of education should look more deeply into the needs of children. The renewal of education requires personal attention to students from good teachers and active parents, strongly supported by their communities. It requires commitment to developmentally appropriate education and attention to the full range of children's real, low-tech needs -- physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development.

So, its time to Beware, Be Aware, Brainstorm to activate the mind cells before its too late!!!

Is Computing Safe for kids??? Read here & share your views.

- ilaxi