Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Spiderman and yeah, you think of Peter Parker. But hey, now you can quip the name 'Pavitr Prabhakar' - That's gonna be Indian Spiderman!


The Indian Spiderman will swing between three-wheeled motor rickshaws and scooters down crowded Indian streets in Mumbai to take on the evil Rakshasa, or demon.He's clad in a flowing dhoti,pointy shoes and a familiar red mask! He dreams of becoming a movie star. The source of his powers is a yogi, or an ascetic, not a radioactive spider, and his enemy is a business tycoon! This is thanks to Gotham Entertainment Group (GEG), based in Bangalore and New York, who has launched four issues of the comic in the United States and will introduce the first of the four-part series in India next month, in a deal with Marvel Enterprises Inc.

Now I remember the movie Spiderman 1 & 2. Peter Parker been a special choice and he's the one so thrilling to watch on a big screen. Here's a review if you missed the movie! Ya better watch it - its been one of my fav!

The return of Tobey Maguire with Spiderman 2 is thrill to watch on a big screen keeping high on adrenaline as well as emotions as the web slinger makes sure that justice must triump over vindictiveness. This reminds of many Comic characters and how they were created! Stan Lee created the cartoon character Spiderman 40 years ago over protests from his superiors at Marvel Comics. As far as I know, Now 79, Lee no longer works on the Spiderman comics. By inventing a nerdy Peter Parker and giving him a secret life as angst-ridden super hero, Lee brought new sophisticational and emotional depth to what had been considered a child's genre.This movie has a heart and technical artistry alongwith the subtle allusions to the 9/11 devastation, the imaginative set designs, the astounding computer generated stunts and crackerjack tempo that keeps one engrossed. The young new yorker Toby maguire may possess incredible powers but still can't declare his feelings to the love (kirsten Dunst) of his life. Although, she is engaged to be married to an astronaut, he's hopelessly tongue tied. And than a lunatic scientist (Alfred) equipped with lethal tentacles must be vanquished before it is too late. Save the city and somehow win the girl's heart form the double agenda of the always do-well Spiderman. A great movie to watch with the screen story co-written by the celebrated novelist Michael Chabon. A good entertainer 'Spiderman'