Saturday, August 14, 2010

India - Land of the Free

Wishing all readers who pass by this blog, 'Happy Independence Day' as India celebrates 64th Independence Day tomorrow, 15th August.

An incident narrated by Gandhiji's interpreter Alexander Horace who first met Gandhi at Sabarmati Ashram in 1928. One day when Gandhi was praying in a village, a Muslim caught him by the throat.

Gandhi almost collapsed. But even as he fell down, he recited some lines from the Quran.

On hearing them, the Muslim said, “I am sorry. I am prepared to protect you. Give me any work. Tell me what should I do?”

Gandhi replied, “Do only one thing. When you go back home, do not tell anyone what you tried to do to me. Otherwise there will be Hindu-Muslim riots. Forget me and forgive yourself.”

India is a Can do Nation, A democratic country and I think it is high time our politicians in Delhi spread a positive signal of calm and peace to citizens. So many citizen voices and people power say it all, what more can I say in a small note here but to hope for a truly Independent country where nobody sleep without a morsel of food!

Btw, Click for the Gujarat Independence Day celebration and flag hoisting live. Also find Kidsfreesouls India Page. Download the National Anthem tune and celebrate freedom.

- ilaxi