Thursday, June 03, 2010

GCERT getting ready to change the Primary school syllabus - for Good!

For the parents and teachers of class I-V - good news is that GCERT (Gujarat Council of Education Research and Training) is going to review the text book syllabus of classroom teaching. Best of the teachers are selected and I hear, the new group is formed which includes 160 resource persons - primary teachers, cluster resource centre co-ordinators, Education inspectors, experts from Textbook Board, readers and lecturers from GCERT.

This group will discuss how children learn, their tastes of learning and classroom habits. They will take about a year and a half to submit their recommendation to a curriculum committee headed by well known academician who will verify to further make their recommendation to the Education Department for final decision.

Long procedure, isn't it? Anyways, but some move is being made and that's for good instead of teaching children boring lessons - mistakes and language flaws apart...Children are move savvy today and the Govt. Text books need a complete revision.

Btw, ask an English medium primary class student, 'Do you know 'Cat in the Hat' and the reply comes, "Yeah, we learnt the lesson in the classroom" However, they hardly know it was Dr.Seuss' famous work and ask children, who is Dr. Suess and few can reply to this! This is English medium - naa gharna naa ghatna...And even, I am one of them!

- ilaxi