Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Visit Shabdpreet

I am speechless with grief - Bhupatdada is no more ! May his soul rest in peace - RIP

It was last night I realized what Life is all about. I hoped that he would open his eyes and smile with a gesture waving his hand asking me 'Do you still write?' and show me his books from the Library cupboard.

No more can I write but draw my readers to 'Shabdpreet' - Bhupatdada's Blog that I started some years ago and he inquisitely use to ask me which article I put there! Follow Shabdpreet here.

- ilaxi

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Happy Navratri 2011 - time flies...

Time flies, leaving no room for personal spaces. In comes a lot of responsibilities that divert our attention to social and business life - And, maybe this can be an excuse for not stepping on this Blogging floor.

So many events passed by but the most exciting was 'Sadbhavana' Mission and I am sure, you must have traced the Sadbhavana footprints on CM Narendra Modi's Website. It says all! And, so do State Portal focus on the latest news that go with the State happennings.

Well, like every year, the Navratri festival is in full swing in town. What is so interesting is the GMDC - University Ground that is visited by thousands of people to catch a glimpse of the 'Sant Nagari' and 'Tourism pavilion' with the rich mucis and traditional garba dance at the venue. If you love Navratri, this is a Must Visit place and if you not seen this, you are not a Gujarati!

This reminds me, are you a Patel? Well, frankly speaking, I am. The Kadva Patidar Parivar Trust and Kadva Patidar Parivar Mahila Vikas is celebrating it's 25th Silver Jubilee Garba Mahotsav - 'Aso ni Ajwari Raat' (આસોની અજવાળી રાત) on 9th October, 2011 at D K Patel Hall in Ahmedabad. Talented Singers 'Dhruvish Rohit Shah and Hetal Raval alongwith their orchestra will enthrall the patel community. The event is sponsored by Mr. Yogendra Sarkar and Mr. Dilip Sarkar of Ambalal Somnath Sarkar Jewellers, C. A. Patel & company and Nilaben J patel. Special Aarti is organized at the venue for which any Patel can take the opportunity to perform aarti but yes, it comes with a donation prize!

Patel entries limited and so, this calls for Patel Unity. So, if you are a Kadva Patel, go for the passes now and it cost too nominal - You can always contact Kalaben Amin, President or Shobhaben Patel, Vice President of Kadva Patidar Parivar Mahila Vikas. Kalaben can be contacted on her no. 66316595 - you can even visit her website

Stay tuned. Hopefully, keep on the postings of what's going on in Gujarat - Ugh, afterall, so much going on that one can't keep the pace!

- ilaxi