Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Video to promote Education? Gunotsav?

Gunotsav, aiming to improve the quality of education at primary level has commenced in 618 primary schools of Vadodara district. Three thousand odd senior officials of the state, cabinet ministers and CM Shri Narendra Modi himself participated in three-day long drive commenced from 9th to 11th December and graded schools, teachers and students in Gujarat.

Gujarat Government has recruited 1.21 lakh Vidya Sahayak (education assistants), built more than 64 thousand class rooms, opened around 19600 new science labs, installed computer labs in 5500 schools, provided 33 thousand rural schools with electricity and facilitate 33 thousand odd schools with better drinking water and sanitation.

All can be read on CM Narendra Modi's website on this. But, follow the Blog of CM Narendra Modi and his note speaks of infusing life into Education. A very concerned note and total responsibility. However, it irks me to find a supportive video of 'Last Option' which stand irrelevant to the topic according to me. We need to devote time to development of children as Guardians but as responsible parents, nobody would like to see the video there which shows in ways to commit suicide!

I wonder, do our CM Narendra Modi promote such video on 'Why do kids commit suicide or How to commit suicide? An Award winning video but no way, should be promoted in a CM's blog nor should be watched by children online! I have no courage to give the you tube video here as the small kid's smiling face still shatter me to see him hooked to the rope. You may hop in to CM's blog and the linked video says all.

This not a movie of Amir Khan but real life of children and all parents love their children dearly - Promote Gunotsav but no need to promote such videos.

I run a children's Library since 1991 and promote Reading - Cultivate reading habits amongst children and run a Kids Newspaper Online - Never thought of promoting such videos just to promote education! The video has shaken me completely!

- ilaxi