Thursday, April 19, 2007

A recent survey conducted for Deloitte & Touche, US revealed that job dissatisfaction was a leading reason people make unethical decisions at work. The survey 'Ethics and Workplace' further says,91% believe that workers who enjoy good work life balance are more likely to behave ethically.

I think that the behavior of the leaders in the organizations; the managers, supervisors or as in a newspaper, the main Editors and sub editors are more responsible to be the most significant factors in encouraging or discouraging good behavior at work. What they do matters, what they do perform, makes a big difference too. They are in some way observed, used as role models too, whether they know or not. Being straightforward, honest and treating all employees equally is a good example of management. Taking credits for someone else's accomplishment, lying to impress or even lowering down the employee is the weak point of the leader manager who do not know how to balance job satisfaction levels. Ultimately, the employee may try to be in books by pleasing the manager for some time but when the self respect or the ego hurts, the job dissatisfaction arise. Competition among employees are nevertheless charted programs for motivation and building team spirits but if management fails at levels of its own understanding, unethical acts arise out of bad behavior patterns of their superiors. After all, most of the Bosses are found to be "Too Ambitious" and will go to extreme points in many cases. Ultimately, a dissatisfied employee will face the grudge unless he becomes a leader.

I recommend a book for all those dissatisfied employes on "How to manage your Boss" . Bosses miss out the time factor in knowing the individual strengths of the employee and here is the book that guides to follow the path to show the boss how capable you are. The boss is a human mind with full of power and pressures which lead way to make him to be a politician too in his own field.

Summed up, 72 chapters, the most important I find are:

1. Assessing yourself & Assessing your Boss Type
2. Building Trust
3. Complementing your Boss Style
4. Managing your Workload and managing teams
5. Receiving Feedback
6. Taking Initiatives
7. Self Development
8. Resolving Conflicts
9. Negotiating a Raise - Getting Promotions
10. Assessing abilities

Best on my Library shelf, this book gives me a reminder that if you wish to be an independent mind and working in own areas of interest, stick to your own work style and be your own Boss. Be your own role model as Bosses you believe in and make them your role models, sometime turn out to be role disasters as they themselves act unethical way!

Another book Managing your Boss (DK Publishing), Essential Managers series is a good pick and I remember gifting it to some friend.

It had good topics like:

1. Assessing your situation
2. Working with your Boss
3. Managing Conflicts
4. Improving your Prospects

And More. I have many books in this Essential Manager series of DK and well, these are the best picks on my library shelf.

I would say 'Be your own Boss' - You reach to scale higher every single day and reach your goals. Enjoy!

- ilaxi