Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Media scoops: Misleading?

Divya Bhaskar is one newspaper who conducts great seminars in town recently. At GCCI, DB in association to the chamber, held a session on Parenting and now today, to celebrate its successive five years, DB will be felicitating outstanding women at GCCI; namely Paru Jaykrishna, Ami Yagnik, Rupa Mehta and Mallika Sarabhai. DB with GCCI has jointly organized a Seminar on Women empowerment - thereby debating on the socio-economic and emotional strengths of women. Their fight for Freedom and Power.

Well, it makes me wonder with today's news in media which speaks of a stepping down leader of GCCI, Paruben. Through her tenure, the press has been - for and against - make her rise and fall! Just today, I read somewhere that the CM will now grace GCCI functions which he didn't attend lately due to the outgoing President. Well, I've attended a host of functions all round the year where the CM was present! I think the press is wrong! Are they misguiding people? If so, why? Under who's pressure do they write or do they want masalas for stirring soups?

Power sometimes go in the wrong hands and they leave no blank areas to tarnish the image of people. Paruben is projected all negative (sometimes positive!) in newspapers and they've mentioned her as to be 'ambitious'.....Well, these reporters aren't ambitious? Without ambition, I don't think one can reach a goal. Next step is a determination and that she had. Completely dedicated to the chamber, Paru Jaykrishna has made an achievement and she's changed the GCCI scenario in just one year! Those who're reading the GCCI Bulletin are aware of the Bulletin presentation lately and also the working is much better organized than before at the premises. Why don't the Press write the Positive? Only they know...

One thing I hate at workplace environment is 'Pulling and pushing' tactics. Politics is bad but worse is human nature and we find politics at every stage in our life esp. at workplace, at clubs, social organisations - all where committees are formed! These very leaders and committees speak of goals and achievements but lack a unity!

Btw,the CM is to remain present for the Installation ceremony of the new elected GCCI President Rupesh C Shah on 27th June. I won't be saying more on him as his 'Ek Vichar' speaks a lot on him and more, you can read in the press! Keep watching the posts and keep reading the print newspapers - will make you wonder the way of reporting - good going to's all wait and watch to Watch the News - Life comes to News, is it?

- ilaxi