Saturday, December 30, 2006 makes a Big Difference! With the new year bells ringing in, here's wishing all friends and readers of this blog 'A very Happy new year 2007' - May there be sunshine and love creeping in your life and peace prevail! Here's Attitude - It Makes a Big Difference, a part of my book 'Guardian of Angels' - Let there be new year resolutions and though we tend to miss out on them, here's again and again making Resolutions - firm and strong.

Enjoy the new year and partying is all way round here - so if you think, you need a break, Ahmedabad has all for you now:-)

- ilaxi

Friday, December 22, 2006

My book has been recently read by many of the readers and some of them rang me with their compliments and comments. However, here is a review I recently received from a friend that really is appreciating and encouraging.
Smita Dani, is herself, a person of inspiration and remained a noted personality with her charm and wits along with strong determination and ability to scale to heights. She is the author of 'Dani's Switzerland' - a Traveller's guide and remained active with the Karnavati Club activities in Ahmedabad and also engaged with other major social and political groups.

I welcome readers to comment on your views too - on kidsfreesouls site as well as my book.
Bouquets or Brickbats, please:-)

Keep the Faith!

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Friday, December 15, 2006

Ahmedabad has been rocking with Christmas round the corner and marriages too, are made in heaven with the VVIPs jamming the busiest ever S G highway streets. The NRG seems to have opted for end of the year to tie knots and the brahmins are more than happy to find an optional murats for them during the end and beginning of Jan.

Well, now it is ever common to meet the so many people at common functions and the very same VVIPs who block the roads are having a share of meal so common with the oh so common yet VIP people...So, you see - Ahmedabad is now jamming up with all the VVIPs and I hear, why I see that so many Malls are coming up and so much property is up for sale, booming up the Property buys. The NRGs are fuelling the reality biz too and there seems to be a rise in queries and bookings of luxury apartments, land and shopping complexes. This reminds me, my home is soon gonna be surrounded by Multiplexes, restaurants and Malls and it is sure going to be a walking distance to see a movie, go shopping or enjoy treats in nearest busiest restaurants. And all this developing at all Crossroads in town!

There, it is the route to a Mega city and the mega banner of CM sure to rise high with the IT Hub soon coming up in State at Gandhinagar...NRIs, Wanna invest? Sure fire way to send money to homeland and even take Loans. Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Thursday, December 07, 2006 now present Online Kids Reporters (Journalists) & Jr. Editors. The idea is to promote children Talents and encourage them for creativity and Journalism with their Online reporting. This needs real time devotion, dedication and determination. To begin with, I have two kids Reporters who are on their way exploring to present their info pieces to kids round the world. (Namrata Jaykrishna & Nidhi Nair)

If you have students below 15 and wish to inspire them by adding their name to the Kidsfreesouls Crew (members Contribution), please send your email with their profile and pic with their info pieces and contributions.

Btw, here is my recent Plog on my Book Page Guardian of Angels'>'Guardian of Angels: A practical guide to joyful parenting'. Amazon has an amazing way to keep its Authors keep interacting to its Amazon customers and promote products. Well, here I go with my Author's Plog on the web - Enjoy your reads here and post your comments - Give my book **stars*, write review of my book, vote for me or just Add my RSS Feeds of Book Reviews & Amazon Blog/Plog to read in feed readers.

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Yeah, no excuses for not blogging in for a while as life has been on a fast track lane and here, on the web is my own space that builds in my very own community on the web - far away with songwriters and musicians. The best part is, I am nurturing a genius in me and my days of my keyboard playing is finally turning my dreams with my computer turning to a Music Studio! Till I get my own played songs uploaded, here is a tip for all bloggers. There need to be strong traffic to your blog, numerous links to it from other blogs and frequent reader feedback are a few signs your blog is generating buzz that can attract readers and would be fans and buyers of your products, if any. Blogging for some is turning to a nightmare as you devote time, money and energy but slow in generating revenue online. Loyal bloggers keep blogging in their thoughts but a saturation point turn in sooner or later if there is no income from blogging.

Hired bloggers charge over a $4 per post and if your blog generates $10 a day, this is fine but unfortunately, we all know our time restraints and we end up making $$ ! It is time to be a 'Ghost Blogger' if you are writing good enough and your posts are appreciated.

Why blogs, now Authors have their own Plogs and here you can find my Author Plog on - a way to go marketing and interacting with customers who buy at Amazon.

Anyways, here is a quick review of a book I just read and am sure, you will like to read the same. Enjoy!

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

The dawn of new year in hometown has brought in a new hope for Gujarat as our CM visited Singapore recently and calls in for Singapore companies to play a greater role in Gujarat's economic development. Also on a six day business tour to China, Narendrabhai expressed his desire to compete with China. He aims to attract Chinese investment into sectors like chemicals and pharmaceuticals, gas and oil, tourism and medical tourism apart from other sectors. Modi's agenda during the visit to China is two-fold. He wants to study the functioning of the SEZ in China and, possibly, invite them to help Gujarat build China-style SEZs as he has has already put in place the infrastructure to build 11 SEZs spread all over Gujarat.

More over this...however, the denial of visa by the US authorities has obviously not deterred Modi from taking seriously the imperatives of 'globalisation' and I am damn sure, Narendrabhai can Dream it, Make it Big and with all the 35 Gujarat-based industrialists and top bureaucrats and the Chamber of Commerce supporting the CM and his team, there is all chance to vision a 'Dream Gujarat - aapnu Gujarat' on the success path to glory.

Welcome Home NRIs to find a changed Gujarat - Metro city Ahmedabad to begin with....Yeah, Narendrabhai is sure to meet you all and concerned for your welfare too! Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Here's wishing all passing this way my Blog "A Happy New Year" May there be peace and love in your life. As the year rolls down, there are magical moments in life awaiting for each one of us to reach newer horizons. The real scoop lies in reaching for a goal coz it is during this time that we pick up the stars while striving to reach the moon.

Recently, I read a success mantra. It says, Every Underdog has his way! It is said, people are always ready to pull down the Top Dog. We have the examples of a Top Singer, Top Actor, Top politician and even a Top Criminal. Being second, always gives one the energy to work harder and credibility with productive results. He has the itch for achievement and the right pitch that can hitch-hike him to heights of success. Bill Gates, a school drop out always makes a point to ask one question potential employee, "Tell me about one of your significant failures in life." He thinks unless and until a person knows his failures, he cannot understand the elements of success.

So, now you know - Being an Underdong is the best zing thing - no hurries, no worries, no hot curries in the soup plate of life but all inspirations and achievements to grab and enjoy every moment in life. This is my message this pitching new year to all who are'nt Top dogs and crave to be one.....Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Friday, October 13, 2006

Rajendra Shukla – a name synonym with Poetry and spirituality, recently won the ‘Narsinha Mehta’ Award on my birthday ‘sharad poornima’ (Full Moon Day) from Junagadh’s ‘Adhya Kavi Narsinh Mehta Sahitya Nidhi Trust’. No wonder, he’s Libra, born on 11th October - a total inspiration with amazing super powers of his prowess and skill in his writings for love of nature.

Though not much into Gujarati Literature but with some exceptions, I came across Rajendra Shukla’s profile at Kaavyasur Blog and than dig into research for his poetry. There, I find the treasure trove of rich gazals. I heard, he’s a delight to hear when he recites the pieces. What I feel is, when we write poetry, it indeed is our own thoughtful creation but very rare the real listeners and even if there is an audience, it is a rare talent to recite the poem.

Here’s some pieces that says all - at Dhaval's Blog.

Well, here’s an appreciation from the bottom of my heart and wishing well to Rajendrabhai Shukla and may he spell his magic wand to let flow his words to gujaratis all around the globe.

However, a great Contribution on web comes from his own family member – Rajeshwari Shukla who recently started a website Blog for Gujarati kids. The efforts are highly appreciated as the attempt will make gujarati language popular among English medium students and children residing in foreign lands. Rajeshwari is an expert in Science, Biology field and won many awards for her work from NCERT, Delhi, at Dist. & Guj State level etc. She has authored many books of Gujarat State Textbook Board on Biology for higher schooling and also authored Reference Books on Biology for students. What impresses is her various hobbies.She manages to fulfil her dreams in reading, writing, painting, Ceramic, Handicrafts & collage work, Educational experiments and writing short stories on scientific explorations, Meditation, Reiki, cooking, and teaching – at what she is an Expert. Finally, now on the web, leaving her impressions to pass on to generations – a unique gift and that is the Gujarati language: Learning web for kids. Rajeshwari Shukla happens to be sister of Suresh Jani, the young old man who presents Gujarati Literature Profiles on web.

Wow, now that’s what the family strength is all about.

- ilaxi

Friday, October 06, 2006

Guardian of Angels:A practical guide to joyful parenting - My New Book is available at leading International Bookstores on the web. Grab Your copy Now online or order/Buy from the nearest Bookstore in your area.

My special thanks goes to many people who made this book possible. Not to forget to mention my parents and esp. Bhupatdada and MJ Akbar and all my Freesouls & Kidsfreesouls fans and my readers online whose comments, suggestions, concerns helped me a lot to write the book and publish in print. Here's what I quoted last week "If you do everything with the feeling of happiness, there is no task too difficult to perform. A human mind is like a parachute, always keep open and allow the great ideas to enter - after all, it's work a worship and creativity, a step towards nourishing your talents. So enjoy life, enjoy all that you do." And here I am - enjoying all that I do:-)

I hope this book will be useful to many individuals who nurture a genius in their child. Please feel free to add your comments on my Plog/Blog and write your reviews too at Amazon. Feel free to email me too. Thank You!

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Friday, September 29, 2006

Google celebrated its 8th Birthday on 27th September, once again And I celebrated completion of 2 years blogging on web for MJ.

A free pack was also announced at its Birthday and here is the same for download by people residing anywhere.

Well, here is a born genius and a poet Nikhil Parekh, based in Ahmedabad who is blogging his way to fame with the most largest, longest and most prolific Poetry Blog on the web. His blog already has 550 posts in just 7 days of blogging. At the rate of 60 posts a day, he would be rolling 2060 posts within the end of the month with a word count of over 13.6 lac words and 8000 pages. This would be the Largest/Longest/Most prolific blog on the Internet.

A born genius and a Poet, Nikhil Parekh is the recipient of several international awards and has been published in the World's leading magazines and websites. A complete listing of his poems, awards, media coverage can be viewed at his website. He is a 24 X 7 fantasy man, immersed into winds of poetry and admiring God's infinite natural creations. Nikhil has to his credits 2000 plus poetry written in categories like Anti Terror, World Peace, Environment & Wildlife Conservation, HIV & Aids Awareness, Immortal Love, Friendship, Humanity, Unity, Adopting the Girl Child and many other countless global topics. A recipient of Limca Book of World Records India in December 2005 for ‘Most number of letters written to and received from World Leaders and World Organizations’, this category of record was created for the first time in 17 year old history of the Limca book. The Limca Book of world records 2006 will include the information. Nikhil is set to win with his accomplishments and his records will also appear in 2006 in the EPPIE award 2006 for best poetry e-book entering the EPPIE award winning lists as the first Indian in the history of the award . This record entry of the poet would be published in the 2007 edition of the Limca Book of Records. International EPPIE Awards are the highest honor given in the world to e-books in every genre of writing. They are awarded annually by EPIC-Electronically published Internet Connection, in the USA. With many more feathers in the cap, Nikhil ‘s poem has been selected in an anthology ‘Spirit of Humanity’ which will be released at the AFABW 6th Annual Arts Festival in Hollywood in October 2006.

Nikhil Parekh has published more than 54 different Poetry Book titles which is available on web through the links on his website. He influences his role as 'Inspirational Role Model' to the younger generation with the rhythm and rhyme.

Poetry writing nor blogging is not a cup of tea for any Tom, Dick & Harry. Continuous writing on web requires strong determination, hard work and sincerity in making every day posts on a routine basis. It is nevertheless great efforts as it demands the TEM - Time, money and energy. Over and above, an ambition to reach to desired goals.

You can visit kidsfreesouls for my poetry pages and click on the Poet of the Year 2006 Award. The yearly Poetry competition at kidsfreesouls is about to end so if your children below 15 wish to participate, here is the chance to still RUSH the entries. If you are a Blogger and made an achievement on the web, send in your details too and I might shine you out there on web too.

- ilaxi

Monday, September 18, 2006

September 18, 1851 - "We publish today the first issue of the New-York Daily Times, and we intend to issue it every morning (Sundays excepted) for an indefinite number of years to come." said the founders Henry Jarvis Raymond and George Jones of NYTimes, this day. Originally, intended to be published every morning except sundays, today, its a newspaper with the term coined "All the News That's fit to print"

For further read, visit New York Times wiki. The newspaper is a class apart and the Crosswords has ever been my fav. Check out the NYTimes page on kidsfreesouls. Enjoy reading.
Btw, the impact of the change is Information Media and Internet is the age of Participation. Readers are not passive recipients of news, but participate in the process. You decide, which is the media? The TV channel or newspaper? Or the SMS platform? Or the web, forums, blogs & social networking! Read further here and add your comments or email me your views.

- ilaxi

Monday, September 11, 2006

The terror threat of 9/11 is never over as it hovers in the minds of people. Is the United States more secure today than it was before September 11, 2001 - The questions remains burning. An estimated 2,973 people were killed in the 9/11 attacks.

And here, the terror yet prevails with a threat not only in US but all over the world - with man made and natural calamities. I've heard the NRIs are sorting for home as no more US is safe for a peaceful life. Whatever, Al Qaeda releases 9/11 anniversary message recently. The video released by Ayman al-Zawahiri, issued on the eve of the fifth anniversary of al Qaeda's attacks on the United States, calls on Muslims to step up their resistance to the United States and warns that "new events" are on the way. "Your leaders are hiding from you the true extent of the disaster, And the days are pregnant and giving birth to new events, with Allah's permission and guidance." Watch the video here.

As thousands of people participate in the freedom walk, the leaders pledge not to succumb to terrorism, to build a better country and better world for freedom loving people. Now this is US! The king rules the world! A saying goes, if anything happens like 9/11 in US, the whole world shakes. This example should be taken by our leaders - So much happens - natural as well as man-made disasters, its just a routine. Only there would be political word wars and in Gujarat, Narendra Modi is target. Why can't Indian Government adopt some of the Bush govt. rules? India is most eyed today for economy and business growth. Now is the need of the hour to look to major issues that remain hurdles in the way.

- ilaxi

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Vande Matram - Lata Mangeswar

As for now, all schools are in some or the other way, going to sing the National Anthem 'Vande Mataram' of Bankim Chattopadhyay. However, some schools prefer to get the song played on a cassette whereas some schools will adopt their own easier way of singing the song and not how the well-known singer Lata Mangeshkar sang.

The National Anthem is made compulsory to sing yet, been very controversial whether to sing or not. Whatever be it, one thing is sure, the National Anthem is very rich in its words and reflects the culture of the nation India and believe me, very classical, the song itself raises your inner self for the love of the mother-land. Any country's National Anthem has to be so rich like this one and any person residing anywhere always do feel proud to belong to their own country. So will be an Indian - the National song 'Vande Mataram' is saluting the nation and in praise of the rich India.
Here's the Google video with the song in action. Enjoy!

I am Proud to be an Indian and you too, be Proud of our Nation.

Keep the faith!

- ilaxi

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The print media is yet to make up its mind whether to compete or cooperate with the new challenger - The Internet & the Blogs! Print journalism players have a Web presence, that is mostly the result of a domino effect rather than a carefully thought out strategy. Sadly, the egoist attitude of the editorials always think their domains as 'own territory' but unfortunately, no more on the web. Here rules the righteousness. With Internet gaining popularity, the dynamics of readership changes. The fundamental principles of captive audiences changes. The Internet changed the way commerce and business functions. There lies the real challenge for the media to compete. Many of them remain content cum distribution centric activities with rising expenses, no marketing gains except the politicial triggered liasons!

Internet is media plus, not a print media property and so, web is the biggest revolution in our lives. Internet has in the last decade reached 40 million people and growing. It substitutes for your shopping; it substitutes for your bank; it substitutes for your newspaper and much more. Every minute, the news on web are updated and more, you read your choicest newspapers, websites and blogs in your newsreaders. Why, you can create your very own newspapers with the contents and feeds - the AP, Reuters, etc. and earn too. A journalist acquires great significance; he can make or break, destroy and mould. Depends on the attitude! A writer can expose, review, inform, entertain, teach, preach or just about perform his role in online media with clarity, power and impact. News, comments and entertainment are the axis on which the media world revolves and on the web, here is kidsfreesouls presenting Video News Feeds alongwith kids news, New York Times news syndication, more news for the tech savvy.

In recent months, it is fashionable to point at the increasing popularity of blogs as sign that traditional media may be under threat from so called citizen journalists. Yonder, with the recent Blogger bans, the proliferation of independent bloggers tells us that independent voices are more likely to be heard today than in the era where a few media oligopolies ruled. And with the rising tech savvy, watch out for the search on the search engines to see more Bloggers with their voice, more news and kids news websites coming your way - the 20-30s generation when reached to 35-40 bracket, the web is to rule.

The impact of the change is Information Media and Internet is the age of Participation. Readers are not passive recipients of news, but participate in the process. You decide, which is the media? The TV channel or newspaper? Or the SMS platform? Or the web, forums, blogs & social networking!

- ilaxi

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The loving form of Radha Krishna is the ocean of divine bliss and as the celebrations goes on, I am sure you must have enjoyed reading Krishna shlokes & Bhagwad Gita Review etc at Radhe krishna pages on

Well, the news around late night was a call of panic as Sabarmati river was rising above the danger level and we all got the sms from the Ahmedabad Collector office with the warning that approx. 2 lac cusec water is expected...Gosh, at least the Disaster management ain't too bad. Warnings are given to the low lying areas to shift....What I can't understand is what will happen to the river front project!

Anyways, here's belated Happy Janmashtmi & Belated Happy Independence day...ooops...the computer cable lines are all tricky...

- ilaxi

Friday, August 11, 2006

I remember reading a book of Stephen Covey "Principle Centered Leadership" . In Chapter Seven, the Author focus on Seven deadly sins referring to Mahatma Gandhi's quote:All to do with social and political conditions:

*Wealth without work
*Pleasure without conscience
*Knowledge without character
*Commerce without morality (Business without ethics)
*Science without humanity
*Religion without sacrifice
*Politics without Principle

He charts out how the seven habits will help you avoid seven deadly sins. I guess every person should read this esp.those who are the so-called Leaders and need to adopt living with Principle centered Leadership.

I am glad to be free - a 'Free Soul' as I continue my notes here as an Ex-online Editor for However, I am more happier Blogging for MJ Akbar and of coz, reaching to newer heights on web each passing day as I run the Net Newspaper for Kids online '', a # 1 with keywords 'net newspaper for kids'; on Google (#1 out of 34,100,000 sites), Yahoo (#1 out of 8,170,000 sites)& MSN (#1 out of 1,499,621 ) as on today. This has been a very satisfying experience as the web searches understand 'content is the king'. I am thankful to all readers who appreciate reading my sites and blogs and I highly value your kind words in my mail box with your compliments, comments, views and suggestions. Thanks to all my Readers and Fans.

If you want to bookmark any of my Blogs or sites, just press Ctrl-D on your keyboard and the page will be instantly bookmarked. For eg. go to and Press Ctrl+D on your keyboard.

- ilaxi

Friday, August 04, 2006

"In music, one must think with the heart and feel with the brain" and truly said, especially when you listen to the vocals of Aniket Khandekar.

Recently, Sports Club of Gujarat held a show of Aniket Khadekar. Incidentally, this happened to be the first show in the newly rennovated Hall as informed by the Sports Club Entertainment Committee chairperson Maheshbhai Desai. Aniket Khandekar happens to be a person of Inspirations. His vocals, teaming up with live performance with Ami Thakore and the Khadekar team, is all a rave with Gujarati & Hindi Classical song listeners. The evergreen song 'Laga Chunrimae Daag' and 'Madhubanmae Raadhika' sung by Aniket Khandekar prove 'par excellence' with the music beats behind blending to perfection. You'll want to hear these songs again and again endlessly!

Aniket Khandekar is the cool voice that springs the emotions and surfaces a feeling of strong sense of caring for the classical music. The music is stunning and you can call 'Music, the speech of angels' - undoubtedly when his soft, deep tones vibrate the air with the Gujarati or the Hindi scores and you know, its 'Music' that spells joy.

Ami Thakore too, stands a class apart when she sings a solo or a duet with Aniketbhai but than, Aniketbhai is the soul behind many students like Ami Thakore, who equally performed excellent on the stage. Aniketbhai runs a Khandekar Institute in Ahmedabad and strives to excel every student - be it vocals or learning instruments. The Khadekar's also has been active with the Inter Talent Club shows in Ahmedabad and has been encouraging members for participation and motivating them.

I had been lucky to attend this show by chance as we had been for the chinese cuisine festival at the club. Being members, we normally tend to miss out the club circulars. Attending this show, we realized how much we miss out due to our very own busy lifestyle patterns!

(Wanna learn Music? Wanna arrange a Music Show? Call Aniket Khandekar at 9898023872 or just reach here: 51/52, Nalanda Complex, Near Mansi Towers, Ahmedabad)

- ilaxi

Saturday, July 29, 2006

I volunteer - ugh, I met a student recently and she told me that she is into a Social Networking Organisation where she conducts a Community. This was an amusing encounter for me as little did she know that I am a net person and quite savvy with Social Networking on the web. She happened to be running a community at 'Orkut'!!!

Well, in recent times, its the latest buzz with employees of Organizations volunteering to be a part of their company's Community Programmes. These communities are on a rise in the Corporate sector where time, effort and money is spent to prove socially responsible citizens who emerge to work as NGOs or work for the cause of Aids, Education to underpriveledged children, for the Disabled - a host of volunteering projects in the diversed areas like environment, slum cleanliness, post-disaster rehabilitation, suicide prevention, etc.

However, on the web, we find Social networks on a rise. Earlier, I got a lot of invites for Friendster who has now introduced its own for-pay blogging tool as a money-making scheme. LinkedIn started charging for its job listings. Social networking like Blogging communities or the Myspace, Hi5 or the Orkut are all great attractions as reports come in to my desk that teenagers are spending more and more time with 3-5 hours per day on an average, just talking with friends on scraps or writing blogs, joining communities, sharing pics and so on. Even I hanged on these places for a while to explore and I feel, its just 'Tempting' - also tomfoolery, wasting time, money and energy for people who are into serious business on web.

Google released a social networking service called orkut in 2004, named after Orkut Buyukkokten, a Google software engineer who developed the project during personal time allowed to him by Google.All employees at Google are allowed to spend twenty percent of their time working on personal interests, a policy Google has to encourage creativity. Buyukkokten had an interest in social networking and so developed his service. Google decided to open it to the public and here, Orkut is just a Craze with guys n gals, irrespective of the negative that Orkut offers a lot. As many schools in India adopts and embrace technology, children at school are given assignments and they need to get a personal computer/lap tops for them. Little do the parents or teachers realize what they do, many of them hang around these social networking places and I feel this is a 'warning' signal. Even if you are a music lover, these places offer audio as well as video to watch and sure, you get hooked.

This site Social Networking Meta List is interesting on web. It features all the networking sites that you can choose from. All you need is your reach to places on web and of coz, the TEM, like I said - time, money and energy - Enjoy! Be careful, too!

- ilaxi

Friday, July 21, 2006

Indian Govt has a lousy idea of Blog censorship that their Instructions landed up the ISPs to block all blogspot blogs!Post 7/11, the Government decided to block sites and gave a handful of list to ISPs. Out of a misunderstanding of both Technology and Security, ISPs blocked all the Blogger Blogs. CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) of the Telecommunications demanded the block to some sites with no explanations to the drastic action of blocking all blogger sites. As a result, Indian Bloggers on the web with over 42,000 Bloggers on the Google owned suffered from this action. They have already formed "Bloggers Collective Group" and Wiki on Bloggers Against Censorship - a Campaign against Indian Government's apparent notice to various ISPs to Block the various websites and blogs hosted on The bloggers demand their constitutional right to Freedom of Speech & Expression as Indian Citizens.

A unique script has been provided by Dr. Awab Alvi, a Pakistani founder of 'Dont Block the Blog Campaign' and the Blogger Blogs can be viewed here. All you need to do is, just enter the name of the Blog. eg. kidsfstech, kidsfreesouls, sambhaav - all blogs that are hosted on Google's Blogger ( You will be able to read these Blogs here. A lot Thanks to Dr.Awab Alvi that you can read the sambhaav blog through these two sites - and

The Department of Telecom (DoT) has now instructed the ISPs to Block only the websites and blogs specified in the Instructions to them earlier. The order further says that the ISPs operating in India should strictly comply with the order dated 13th July 2006 and provide unhindered access to Internet. They are only supposed to block the limited number of web pages and websites not the entire network of domains hosting some of these blogs. They are also asking the ISPs to clarify why they should not take action against them for blocking harmless sites and causing a lot of troubles for the end user in the country.

Yet, strangely, the blogs are still not viewed! Some Bloggers are moving for legal action ironically to be based on the Information Technology Act, 2000. In Section 66, this Act defines 'Hacking' - as gaining illegal access to any website, or preventing access to a website through illegal means.

- More on kidsfstech Blog - If you are in India and cannot view the Blog, go the and enter the name eg. kidsfreesouls, sambhaav, kidsfstech, shabdpreet (all are hosted on Blogger:-) coz I am a google Blogger Fan since the day it launched its Blogger services! Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Saturday, July 15, 2006

News websites, RSS feeds and Blogs - The next 'Big Battle of Journalism' is maybe the Internet! Advertising, sponsoring, donation and contribution by Readers on major Blog websites and online media channels is a way to go on the web. Thereby more journalists emerge every day and many news websites and blogs emerge with enhanced Information.

So far, Gujarati language websites had a limitation but with adopting the unicode way of writing, a number of Gujarati websites and blogs have mushroomed on the web and more gujaratis have the opportunity - not only to blog but also be a part of the Gujarati worldwide community online. Here is Sureshbhai Jani, Harish Dave and Mrugesh Shah who are teaming up with Gujarati Bloggers on the web to build one main centrally designed website joined by all Gujarati Bloggers. This means, we are going to find links to various categories like Literature Profiles, Poetry, Songs & Gazals, Gujarati Newspapers (Print & Online), Arts, Personal Blogs, Gujarati Dictionary, Gujarati Forum, etc. - All at one place. The idea is novel but only to be seen how the issue of copyright, freedom of speech, fonts and proper weightage is given to all Gujarati newspaper and bloggers!

Sureshbhai Jani's contribution towards the
Gujarati Sahitya Sarjak Parichay and his Swarachit Rachnao is a toast on the web. At a time when Gujarati Literature is lurking behind with the upcoming, tech influenced generation, here comes the Literature Profiles that keeps alive the Gujarati Literature world. Surehbhai's efforts to bring all Gujaratis under one roof is highly appreciated as it would give a common syndication to be read worldwide.

Well, while I started making a
Guj Literature Blog with Bhupatbhai's articles, I had come across the first Gujarati Literature website of Mrugesh Shah. He has a unique way of presenting Gujarati news and Gujarati Literature on the web. Initially started last year on 7th July 2005, offers the rich gujarati literature Authors' Articles & Poetry, short stories and news to Gujarati world. The upcoming writers get a chance to publish their work on this website. Remained on Top selection of wordpress in its Bloggers Category for 15 days, is worldwide read and appreciated. It has already been featured in major newspapers like Sandesh, Divya Bhaskar and Mrugesh Shah has been interacting with people worldwide with his outstanding work and contribution in the field of Gujarati Literature. I highly appreciate Mrugesh Shah's work and may lead to newer heights in time to come.

Also another, Shri Ratilal Chandaria's Online Gujarati Dictionary & Language resource. A simple, eye catching website with explanation of more than 2.2 million words in unicode encoding and a gujarati spellchecker is all a rich resource for gujaratis. This simplifies work for people like us who've studied in English medium and are at a loss to find words in gujarati - During these times, gujaratlexicon helps English words with gujarati meaning specified with their grammatical form and pronunciation. Thus, it has English to Gujarati and Gujarati to English words alongwith Gujarati to gujarati words + idioms and proverbs, opposites, thesaurus, etc.

If you are a Gujarati and want to contribute on web, here is your chance to blog in Gujarati ( is much easier than wordpress. com for a beginner according to my experience). All you do is, follow the instructions and just begin to write. You only need to copy+paste your writing in the blogger and submit - is a Push button publishing. Enjoy!


Thursday, July 13, 2006

A day ago Pankajbhai Patel, Chairman of Zydus Cadilla Group, took over his position as the President of Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry. This sure calls in for a corporate make over of GCCI as the Paras Pharmaceutical Chairman Girish Patel becomes the vice President and Paru Jaikrishna joins in as the Senior Vice President. What is more noteworthy is the Corporate leaders from Adani Group (Mr. Gautam Adani), Torrent Group (Mr. Sudhir Mehta), and Nirma Group (Mr. Hiren Patel) have been elected Executive Committee members for this year 2006-07.

An aggressive person as he is, Pankajbhai brings in hope for reforms to the many issues. In his speech, he made clear of his intent to explore innovative solutions to the long standing issues like VAT, basic and social infrastructure, land reforms and octroi, etc. He aims to form a strategy to make Gujarat globally competitive.

Pankajbhai, as far as I know him, has always turned challenges into opportunities and these opportunies to reach target goals. Dream Big and You Can Do It! This mantra seems to work great for many Corporates and no exception is - Pankajbhai. I do believe in his strengths and his Corporate team will take Gujarat on a higher map. Not only him, all these CMDs who joined the GCCI team, will definately encourage the upcoming new generation Management Youth! It is only to be seen how far the vision is envisaged.

Here is my post on Pankajbhai earlier. Being in the GCCI Business Women's wing as an Executive committee member myself, it is a pleasure for me to be in the circle of Think Tanks who may inspire and encourage to follow the management path to progressive highways.

- ilaxi

Friday, July 07, 2006

Life is full of uncertaintes and you never know what's gonna be your next moment in life! Quite evident from the death of Pankajbhai Trivedi - and it's been sad to know that the temples of spirituality are shaking one's faith to doom. Bitter fight over Panduranga Atahavale's legacy worth crores! It is learnt Pankajbhai had wrote to CM as well as to US Secret service for help, yet his life could not be saved! Well, Its said, 'Beware of three p's : Priest, Politician and ugh...its universal, the third is Press!

Anyways, I been trailing on a different plane on the web exploring some great channels like msn spaces and hi 5 here humans get to make friendship out of the blue moon! I guess its the state of mind for many people to ignore their own near and dear ones who exist in real life and they try to find friendship and solace in strangers whom they never met or prolly, won't meet at all or even won't know who the real person is! Way to go ...on Web!

Last week also been hectic with me as I shunted from home to office and back, re-designing and setting right my Company Family Biz website dealing in chemicals, dyes, Insurance, Car Finance, Hotel Bookings, etc. It's great to explore and write on many topics and the Swagat Blog is sure to give a scoop on varied topics in time to come. Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Monday, June 12, 2006

A human mind is like a parachute - Works best when it is Open! Yeah, our mind is a Thought Factory and as thoughts keep pouring in, sometimes we are baffled with so many questions that we are at a loss to find an answer!

Well, recently I came across Yahoo Answers. It's a place we find so cozy and lively as we keep interacting with people all over the web. Either Asking Questions or Answering Questions - It definitely is a place where you can spend hours and call it a freaking place on web. Humans are social animals and this is rightly said. The MSN spaces, Yahoo Answers, Google Answers, Ask Jeeves, etc. are flourishing on web. These Answer engines are just on the radar screens of large web search providers. Services like BrainBoost offers answers mined from the open web. We've also read about search technology from Kozoru that will soon play in this space.

Google has even launched Q&A services, results directly on the Search Results Page. I feel with a low paying Question ranging from 2$ upto $2000, the chosen Researchers answerd the questions accurately and with great responsibility otherwise, Researchers with low ratings would be fired as Google encourage eloquence and accuracy. This is not the case with Yahoo Answers which is a major minus point on part of Yahoo as anybody can answer whatever they feel right. Yahoo and Msn seem to be paying more attention towards quantity rathar than the quality and more into entertaining people - Feeding what people want and that is, just another kind of way to build friendship relations!

Orkut is yet another place on the web in affiliation to Google. It is an online community that connects people through a network of trusted friends.They are committed to providing an online meeting place where people can socialize, make new acquaintances and find others who share their interests. For the Sports lover is the Joga for the Football Fans which is also a Google Login. You can build your own groups and clubs, share all kinds of football-related info, upload photos and video, and get updates on matches and events.

So much breathing space huh! And lastly, here is with a "Bang" a Gujarati Group - the only one on the Web as far as I know : forsv - Hmmm...this one's 'For SV' - and you keep on guessing what that SV stand for! For sv says, "when Gujaratis travel to distant lands, what they miss here back home is their very own 'mother tongue' - a language that is universally spoken 'Gujarati' and hence, its all an effort to build a community together and speak in a common language together.

Maybe, this gives a reason for many Gujaratis to interact under a roof on web at SV Forums and part with information and knowledge galore on topics ranging from Introduction, News, Blog world, Medicine, Literature, Recipe, Music and so on....

If you are a gujarati and want to write in Gujarati, interact with gujarati people worldwide, here is your chance to write in Gujarati - Read gujarati, write gujarati, talk gujarati and if you need help on How to write in Gujarati, here is my help file. Just download the fonts and start writing, Ahoy! Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Saturday, June 10, 2006

While watching the Football game yesterday, it was a thrill to see Germany-Costa Rica game with Germans on a win 4-2. Especially, Klose Miroslav on his way to grab two goals for the Germany was a superb performance, alert n timely. Well, while watching, I blah blah about my childhood summer hols, having spent most of time watching the Football at Sadar Bazar in the Camp area of my town and memories flooded of those kicking days. And what a surprize, my morning again was with the same Sadar Bazar news featured by a prominent newspaper Divya Bhaskar. Of coz their online site miss many updated news of the print and hence, this one's not there there I guess!

Yeah, Ahmedabad's Sadar Bazar is the Mini Brazil. There are 47 teams and 650 players so far, out of which 65 players reached the National level. The Britishers left the traces and the army area of cantonment took over the playground areas where Football is played since years. It is indeed great to know that a 76 year old Fakir Mohammed has played the Santosh Trophy for seven times and the new generation kids are active into Soccer coaching currently.

Well, Interested in World Cup Soccer Game? Here is Google teamed up with Joga - Here you can build your own groups and clubs, share all kinds of football-related info, upload photos and video, and get updates on matches and events. Write your own Blog and make friends, send messages...Isn't this Interesting?

- ilaxi

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

This week has proved *Fantastic* for me as I had voted Shakira feat Wyclef Jean 'Hips don't lie' song # One and happy when Rob Fishkin of World Space 40 on 40 replied saying he's got more votes for her. The real treat came to me when Rob played this song # 1 back again after playing it # 8 last week. And to a greater surprise Nielsen BDS has Shakira featuring Wyclef Jean # 1 in its Top 5 (Europe, Germany and USA. The song is spinned 9657 times, according to the radio listeners at Nielsen and yeah, I played Rob's 40 on 40 round the clock!

Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems is the world's leading provider of airplay tracking for the entertainment industry. Nielsen BDS captures in excess of 100 million song detections annually on more than 1,400 radio stations in over 130 markets in the U.S. (including Puerto Rico) and 30 Canadian markets. Nielsen BDS information is utilized exclusively by Billboard, Billboard Radio Monitor and the Canadian Music Network in determining their radio airplay music charts.

Well, here's the review of Shakira's Oral Fixation Vol 2 with the included Bonus Track of Shakira feat Wyclef Jean.I wrote this review long ago at Amazon reviews. And yeah, here's the Fan version song of Shakira fans dacing on the number. Even you can add your pic too! Enjoy!

Eve and the Original Sin by ilaxi

The cover featuring Shakira 'Eve & The Original Sin' is a classic theme that basically attributes to Even one more reason to bite the forbidden fruit-that would be her oral fixation: That's Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll,Latin America's most successful pop female crossover artist and my fav, I rave for Shakira! She sways so provocative with the most sexiest dazzling flare but thats how she grew up dancing as music flow naturally in her veins. Her Hips don't Lie is number one song in my Chart followed by Hey You and Illegal with the classic Carlos Santana playing on sexiest guitar strings. Hips don't lie is Rapped vocals from Wyclef Jean and Shakira's familiar Spanish-accented is rocking, Dance like this....very groovy. The way she rolls her back and moves her hips, well it's a workout all in itself in its latest video of Hips don't lie. How do you do is just a bunch of questions we wonder as human beings. Animal city chills with inventive moments with her loud vocals too good to resist. Overall, I'd say - Laundry Service was Great but Oral Fixation Vol 2 (included Hips don't lie) is Best of the Best and *Five Stars* A more matured and focused Shakira who is much in touch with a woman inside her - delightful to the sense. A must Pick.Just Chill.

- ilaxi

Monday, June 05, 2006

Environment Day and it's time to plant a tree. AMC (Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation) in my town with its slogan 'Clean & Green ahmedabad - An AMC Promise' has truly come out with flying colors to celebrate the Environment Day with its round the year development to make the city clean and green. They have created 5 jogging parks, developed 15 new gardens, planted 7.04 lac trees in one year, removed 1,00,000 tonnes of dry mud from roads in just 8 months and covered up 7 lac houses for Door-to-door garbage. Isn't this so cool? Moreover, there has been an introduction to about 400 CNG Buses and this means, reduce in the rate of air pollution. Kudos to AMC!

Yet, environment is a major issue in India. Why India - all over the world. A recent Reuters news at Google says "Indian Air is highly polluted". Inefficient energy is the cause, says the World Bank.

Well, did you know that the Forest Dept. has made gardens in Jashodanagar, Maninagar area in Ahmedabad at the cost of 35 lacs with 400 trees in two groves, i.e. Panchvati van and Rashi Van. 24 trees are planted in the Rashi Van and these trees link to zodiac signs in Hindu scriptures. There are 39 trees in the Panchvati Van and these trees represent the five elements of nature.

Among the trees which have beneficial qualities in the Rashi van are:

Bili Tree:Gemini
Kher & Jamun:Taurus
Vad khakhro:Leo

The Panchvati van has five tree species i.e. Peepul, Banyan, Bili, Ashoka and Amla which represent the five elements of nature. Also there is a huge tree grove formed from Rudraksh tree, Bili and Chandan tree and this is pruned in the shape of a Shivling ( Shiv god is represented as Shiv Ling i.e. semi round shape). There is a Punit Van in Gandhinagar in Gujarat, in the same way and as a result many people are planting trees as per their zodiac signs. Even I am planning to plant trees as per the sun signs of my all family members.

Btw, Kidsfreesouls is associated to Earth Talk Column of Doug Moss since many years.Every week, The Editor Doug Moss answers your Questions related to environment. If you feel you have a question, send me or Doug Moss and he is sure to quip with a wise reply.

Here's a recent Question to Doug Moss from a reader and find his answer on Earth Talk Page: "I read somewhere that babies were being born nowadays with a number of man-made chemicals detected in their bloodstreams. This is pretty scary. How could it be?" - Sandra McGregor, Portland, OR

Doug Moss says:
“Body Burden,” a 2005 study by the non-profit Environmental Working Group (EWG), found that American babies are born with hundreds of chemical contaminants in their bloodstreams. The findings are based on tests of samples of umbilical-cord blood taken by the American Red Cross from 10 babies, located in different part of the U.S., that were born in August and September of 2004. The most prevalent chemicals found in the newborns were mercury, fire retardants, pesticides and the Teflon chemical PFOA. - Read More

If you have any question related to environment, send me or Editor Doug Moss and you are sure to recieve a reply. Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Monday, May 29, 2006

As Football fever hits Germany, here is my choice of a game that I am too excited to watch if at all I had a chance to visit Germany. Seventeen years after the fall of Berlin wall, a reunifed Germany will throw open the doors to the world. Heyy, gossip...gossip...Did you hear that the newspapers are reporting about Bollywood actors who wanna visit Germany for the Game show. six of them packing up - John Abraham is the first in the lead, I hear.

Well, if these celebrities hit at right spots, they're cool, Aamir Khan should have blah blah on going to Germany rathar than go for Narmada - At least Fanaa would not be losing money from Gujarat! Anyways, Germany has won the World Cup three times, most recently in 1990, the year of German reunficiation.

Watch out for the game, if you interested to read all over the web. Search Google and there, you find 32 teams, 64 games and One Prize - Here's the World Cup Blog, 34 Bloggers reporting daily on every detail of the world's greatest sporting event.

-Enjoy! (Who says newspapers are the only medium for reporting on web? No more...!)

- ilaxi

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Christians around the world have been fretting that the movie Da Vinci Code will only serve to fan the flames of skepticism. Mystery and conspiracy blend to an interesting crafted tale by Dan Brown with the Book 'The Da Vinci code' and now Ron Howard crafting the piece to an amazing Hollywood screen Controversial Movie. The greatest story ever told of Jesus divinity. The plot of the book revolves around a conspiracy theory the main character discovers as he tries to solve the murder of a prominent Persian curator. The theory suggests that Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene were lovers who had at least one child, and their bloodline still continues today. The plot also leads to the clandestine Catholic sect Opus Dei which tries to thwart the main characters’ attempts to unlock the mystery behind the possible romantic love between Christ and Mary Magdalene. The book as well as the movie is an action, adventure, suspense, thriller and a terrific drama. A 149 minutes, rated PG 13 with disturbing images, violence, some nudity, thematic material, brief drug references and sexual content!

The Official Movie site of Sony has an interesting game I came across that amuses me. It's worth a play and by jove, jesus would look down upon the world to say "Behold, christ is here to solve the mystery puzzling the world with the Da Vinci Code - Lemme solve the cryptic clues that really confuses with Mona Lisa & The Last supper paintings. Let not the humans anguish in shame or clash over the da vinci code. Let the 2000 year old secret be revealed and come to light."

Check the profile of Leonardo Da Vinci here and yeah, can you figure out who were seated with Jesus at the Last Supper? Keep guessing till you reach the mystery puzzle of these names solved on my Leonardo Da Vinci profile page.

Btw, here is a one year Bible Blog for those interested to know Bible. I been a convent student and there lies my faith since years as I been to church almost for every New year mass, every year! Above all religions, I follow 'Humanity'and that is one religion par excellence.

- ilaxi

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The issue of reservation rocks student communities and political leaders either support quotas or maintain a deafening silence. When Arjun Singh made a first announcement about reservation in India’s higher educational institutions, was he working on some directions? Merit counts but do money determine merits?

Whatever, here is Petition to President of India - say No to reservations in private sector and IIT/IIM/Medical colleges. The reservations have not solved any of the evil effects of the caste system. Fifty years down the lane, the SC’s and ST’s continue to be as downtrodden as they were, and most backward caste people continue to remain backward.

Sign the petition or don't - there it speaks aloud!

- ilaxi

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It has been announced May as a Mental Health Month and this means, Educating self and community to mind one's Health and keep healthy and fine - Physically as well as mentally. Incidently, I recently started writing the Statesman Blog by the name Blossomsmile (category Health & Fitness/Food & Drink/Opinion). I am sure, you will find my Health & Fitness Blogging tips useful here.

Being Corporate Insurance Agent, I would say, Health has to be a prime priority in life. It's a concern for the whole family. I been watching the documentary film of Drew Barrymore and she started taking alcohol at the age of 9, hooked to drugs at 10 and had to go to a rehab center as she became too addicted and got into very bad shape. At the age of 14, she wrote a book and later, we know she became a star celebrity with movies like Charlie's Angels. She had faced a trauma of parent separation and faced a lot of misery at a young age.

Ask a child or teen "What's the Matter?" My article on 'Parent stress, kids stress' ( Romanian translation) focus on many a points to stop the depressive feelings - be it parent stress but let not the kids too get into the vicious stressful living. Depression along affects as many as one in every 33 children and one in eight teens. Mental Disorder in children rises which make them irritated, rude, unpredictable, disorganized and so on which lead to problems at home, school or community. Help children grown up gracefully in normal environment with their days filled with happiness. Visit the nmha site and get aware. Proudly wear a green ribbon to draw attention to childhood depression and use the material placed on this site of Child Depression Awareness Day.

- ilaxi

Monday, May 15, 2006

"It's true that the real reward for a job well done is having done it. But it feels so good to get a pat on the back."

The caption says aloud! How very often do you get a pat on your back or that little Appreciation that you deserve?

Well, we may talk of this later but right now, I am going to focus on a job well done. Interim Housing Solutions is a major benefit that can help you find the best accommodations at the most reasonable rates whether you are relocating to a new city, working on an extended assignment, settling an insurance claim, undergoing extended medical treatment, or simply need a place to call home during a period of transition. Free Temporary Housing and short term Apartments are in great demand especially when you want to stay for prolonged days - Home Away from Home. IHS provides an up-to-date inventory of furnished apartments available in major U.S. cities coast-to-coast and throughout Canada. Their mission is to make it easy for corporations, small businesses and individuals to find exactly what they want with a single search.

And staying away for a month in Charlotte, my friend said, she's got the best deal from IHS for a temporary stay. She had the facilities for 60 days and her apartment came with all the amenities, including cookware, dishes, coffeemaker, cable and local phone and all that you need for living. This reminds me of the Sterling RCI membership where we enjoy the 7 days facilities for free stay and lapses after the accumulation of 21 days.Poof! thats for an Indian vacation, lemme say! The abroad facilities are far away from the city.

Well, If you ever happen to be for a vacation to United States or major Canadian cities, here is IHS at the reach of a phone call : 866.279.4471 Toll Free: 703.893.1901 Phone or Fax:703.893.1902. You can even
  • E-mail IHS
  • for your interim housing solution needs or fill up a form here.

    Do lemme have your views once you visit there coz I never gonna be that Faaar...Far way, away from Home as Yeh Mera India...I love my India.


    Tuesday, May 09, 2006

    Wanna Blog? If you are a freak on web, prolly you know Why Blog but if you don't know What is a Blog and Why to Blog, How to Blog and that too, in Gujarati, here is my How to Blog in Gujarati Help Guide. It so happens, we think in Gujarati and speak in English, so why not Think, speak and Write in Gujarati? Or any other Language! Logic, you'd say!

    With the Blogging mania on a rise on the web, Blogging is become a 'Revolution'. Nielsen/NetRatings found blog readership has grown 31% since the beginning of the year, as blogs attracted 29.3 million visitors in July 2005.The flourishing of blogs, estimated at more than 700,000 worldwide, has created a new space for self-expression on political and social matters.

    And now here is the Big News. Got a great Blog and wondering what to do to increase your reach, visibility and readership? Get a Big Exposure with 'Blog Burst'. BlogBurst is a syndication service of that places your blog content on top-tier online destinations on the Publishers' websites. Submit your blog for an Invitation Call and once you're accepted into the BlogBurst Network, keep blogging as usual. The Publishers picks up your contents and you reach a target audience with that byline line, driving traffic to you Blog!

    So, if you are dreaming to be a journalist - Just forget it working for a few bucks. Here is your chance to be read on big Newspaper sites like Statesman, Guardian, etc. and bigger websites like SFGATE - Earn great too! Just write great contents and be read. Here is one of my Blogs featured on Austin Statesman under the category Health & Fitness, Opinion and Food & Drink (click blossomsmile. Enjoy! Do send in your comments too:-)

    Gujarati newspapers - are you listening? It's time to 'Appreciate' people around esp. own Journalists and also people blogging in Gujarati. Now they can have a say on your websites too. Just pick up those bloggers from Blogburst. They really would prove themselves to be better Journalist, after all.

    - ilaxi

    Thursday, May 04, 2006

    We read biographies and autobiographies to acquaint ourselves with the lives of great men and the times they lived in. Here is 'Blood Brothers' by MJ Akbar which combines history, biography and fiction. I ever enjoyed reading
    Shade of Swords by MJ but here is a skillfully crafted family saga across three generations.

    When I blogged away reviews of this Book 'Blood Brothers', it's given me an immense feeling of a job worth done and exposed - A writer understands 'words' more and this is a meaningful book with MJ's insights, humour, arguments, debates and above all, the social interpretations.

    Well, here's what people have to say for 'Blood Brothers' by MJ Akbar. Btw, look forward for 'Guardian of Angels:A practical guide to joyful parenting by Ilaxi (yeah, that's me, an unpublished Author; hopefully,soon to be published!) Watch for Excerpts at

    - ilaxi

    Thursday, April 27, 2006

    Listening is always a pleasure! I often say, Music is the speech of angels and so very true. Up in the morn, plays the Radio Mirchi Traffic beat, followed by World Space 40 Count Down and than the usual Yahoo Launch or the ipod.

    Recently, while surfing for my ipod software download, it came to light, how Apple called for a meeting after making a little girl cry. Apple Computer recently called for a meeting to discuss changes in its Corporate Policy after the company sent an upsetting legalese reply to a third-grade girl who had hand-written a letter to chief executive Steve Jobs with her thoughts on improving the iPod. A 9-year-old Shea O'Gorman and her third-grade class began learning about writing business and formal letters, she thought who better to write to than the chief executive of the company that makes her iPod nano. Shea offered her ideas on how the company could improve on its iPod digital music players, such as adding song lyrics so listeners can sing along to their tunes.

    The girl recieved a cold reply from the Apple's legal department but nevertheless, the company's General Counsel placed a personal call to Shea to apologize following a CBS 5 News inquiry.

    It's a call to check the Corporate response policies. Change with the Change - communication lag is a major fall and I wonder, with the technology in, how many corporate check in for their responses or hit out on communication? An alarm sign...

    - ilaxi

    Saturday, April 22, 2006

    23rd April is marked for World Book Day. This reminds me of the rich literature we use to learn in earlier schooling days. Today's generation are aware of 'Shakespeare' but ask them to recite a poem or narrate a story - Who's got the time to read! I think, schools should make Literature a compulsory subject.

    Well, here's a Shakespeare Poem and I remember too well, Makrant Shukla (Kash movie child artist) use to recite this poem and children just called for a 'Re-repeat' as he always had a flair of reciting so unique with an expression to match what the poet said.

    All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players;
    They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts,
    His acts being seven ages. At first the infant,
    Mewling and puking in the nurse's arms;
    Then the whining school-boy, with his satchel And shining morning face,
    creeping like snail Unwillingly to school.
    And then the lover, Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad,
    Made to his mistress' eyebrow.
    Then a soldier, Full of strange oaths, and bearded like the pard, Jealous in honour, sudden and quick in quarrel, Seeking the bubble reputation
    Even in the cannon's mouth.
    And then the justice, In fair round belly with good capon lin'd, With eyes severe and beard of formal cut, Full of wise saws and modern instances;
    And so he plays his part.
    The sixth age shifts Into the lean and slipper'd pantaloon, With spectacles on nose and pouch on side, His youthful hose, well sav'd, a world too wide For his shrunk shank; and his big manly voice, Turning again toward childish treble,pipes
    And whistles in his sound.
    Last scene of all, That ends this strange eventful history, Is second childishness and mere oblivion; Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans every thing.

    Hmmm...An English Poet and Playwright, Shakespeare wrote 38 plays, a collection of sonnets and variety of Poems. The kids in my class recently did a Literature Project - Aayushi, Shaimi, Aashini, Gucci and Parav. Each selected their own Author Profile:William Wordsworth, Robert Browning, Percy B Shelley, John Keats and Lord Alfred Tennyson. It's an effort to motivate but nevertheless, its creating awareness to jumpstart for an action.

    - ilaxi

    Tuesday, April 18, 2006

    Last week, I went for the Book Launch of Desi Dream Merchants by A.G.Krishnamurthy at Crosswords, Mithakhali.(9th April 2006) Among the present was the guest, Mr. Vimal Ambani. This Mudra Leader launched his first book 'The Invisible CEO' last year as Mudra completed 25 years. What impressed me was the speech of Krish, as he spoke of the team spirits of Mudra. The Desi Dream Merchants Back cover begins "Management theorists have opined that leaders need followers. And having a dream team is one of the latent desires of all managers and leaders." Rightly said 'Krish' but than the 'Boss is the speed of the Team', I would say:-)

    Krishnamurthy conveyed a message at the end of his speech to the new Generation to "Keep the Faith in your own-self and believe in your own Dreams - If you dream and work hard, sooner or later, success is at your own door-step", he quipped.

    Mudra as an agency has been quintessentially Indian. The logo with those two artistic hands in a striking dance posture and the ability to think in Indian languages, to appeal to the Indian consumer still remains. If you visit the Mudra website, it sure has the classic appeal with the Indian music notations being played 'Sa, re, ga, ma, pa, dha, ni sa or you call it 'Do, re, me..' The agency was understandably proud of its Indian roots - carrying the tagline “Made in India”. And whilst it had multinational clients, it had a wide range of clients who respected and valued its uniqueness and if one may add indianness. Brands like Vimal, Rasna, Binnies, Nutrine, Dhara, and Symphony were happy clients of the agency for years on end.

    In Desi Dream Merchants, AG Krishnamurthy, the Mudra Man, in sequeal to The Invisible CEO reveals the inside story of Mudra - a desi ad agency catering to the needs of the Indian Business. In his amiable style, the author enlivens the book involving the team spirits with anecdotes and stories of the team. The book also has extracts of AGK Speak column in Business standard. Krish speaks of his bygone days, remembering Dhirubhai Ambani, who way back in 1980 handed Krish the mandate to begin the Mudra Ad Agency and create the best textile advertising in India with a minimum Rs.35,000/-. Dhirubhai put a lorry load of Trust and enough fuel to last till the nearest petrol pump, Krish says as he got to task, the right people and who obviously 'walked English, talked English and Advertised English.

    The book is the Making of Mudra and is worth a story to be read from the Mudra Founder, A.G.Krishnamurthy and his team. Desi Dream Merchants is a veritable treat to leaders, would-be leaders, advertising and marketing professionals.

    - ilaxi

    Friday, April 14, 2006

    While working on web, I came to know these guys Ajay Sanghani & Shiv who were actively involved with Internet Projects. It was a treat for me to run a site called for Shiv who was also an Osho fan and I fantasy read Osho and wrote articles related to Osho thoughts. This domain is now sold, I guess! As time flew, Shiv lost in oblivion and I lost his trace but Ajay - he still is with his own UK-based E-business Consulltancy.

    Recently, he invited me to Blog for and I got tempted to casual Blog there to share my piece of Blogging. I posted on webproworld, syndicationpro etc (Posting do chart me on #1 in Google and bring me readers for my websites to,, & too;-) is a group of IT professionals who launched India’s first network of technology blogs that allows its members to create their own blogs and share knowledge on information technology. The network also hosts expert-managed blogs in areas of coding, design, database, operating systems (OS), emerging technologies, enterprise solutions, outsourcing, web and wireless technologies. Ajay says, “With blogs around, the web is now no more just a library, but also an interactive conversation platform allowing active participation by all users not only to read, but also write and comment. Ajay's aim is to build the largest blogging network of IT Professionals with a purpose to create information, share knowledge, interact with peers, learning, growing and creating opportunities for each other. 'Gain IT, Share IT' - the Slogan itself says all, allowing members access to gain and share IT Knowledge.

    Sounds Interesting? Join the team of Ajay Sanghani and start Blogging right away. If you ever wish to talk to him and hear his most professional voice, ring him on 98200 20753.

    - ilaxi

    Tuesday, April 11, 2006

    Blog : Merriam-Webster's Dictionary awarded it "the word of the year" in 2004. In that particular year, the percentage of Internet users who had read blogs spiked sharply from 17% to 27%. It's 2006 and the Blogging is become a 'Revolution'. Blogs power the 'Journalism Revolution' too. Laurel Touby, founder of, says media companies like hers are looking to bloggers to fill gaps in coverage. Rather than hiring a full-time beat reporter, they hire a part-time blogger for a lot less. Respected bloggers typically are obsessed with the subject matter they cover, she adds, and they attract a community of like-minded individuals that companies want to reach.

    Blogs and websites will have a higher priority than the press. The flourishing of blogs, estimated at more than 700,000 worldwide, has created a new space for self-expression on political and social matters. Here's the October 2005 estimated figures of Bloggers as per the country. Pay is all over the map - from a low of $4 per post to a flat fee of up to $75,000 for a sponsored site, according to research by Blog Business Summit. Full-time, salaried bloggers earn in the $20,000 to $70,000 range, depending on skill level and benefits.

    Recently, Adam Penenberg at Wired News breaks down the earnings of those who blog for a living at Weblogs Inc. and Gawker Media. Adam L. Penenberg is an assistant professor at New York University and assistant director of the business and economic reporting program in the school's department of journalism and he specifically reports on 'Can Bloggers Strike it Rich' at wired news.

    Well, isn't this cool? I would say, If wishes were horses, beggars would ride....With so many Gujarati bloggers coming up too, you think these Gujju Bloggers will have a fair chance of earning 4$ per post? Wish you all Bloggers 'Happy surfing to get hired' - btw, here's MSN and Google looking for techie buffs. What its like to work in Bangalore or Hyderabad! Microsoft is recruiting Paid Bloggers. So, here's chances for many to fly down back to India....One thing is so sure and true, once you join Google, Bangalore, I've heard 'Nobody leaves' . If you get a job here, jes lemme know...but hey, be careful with MSN guys coz I know - their projects keep changing day in and out, like the Msn-Talkcity homepages teams were lurked in oblivion - maybe these bloggers are lurked in the dark!

    - ilaxi

    Wednesday, March 29, 2006

    Come summer and AMC has to get on its toes to swing to action to make the city turn to City of Gardens and Fountains! Now, the figures say 19 fountains fall under AMC, out of which seven are found to be working! Some 17 fountains are sponsored. A budget was allocated last year for the maintenance to Rs.5 lacs which is to be doubled this year. Whatever, whatever, the kankaria fountain is the best in town and I feel fountains owned by private parties function well.

    Recently, Chamber of Commerce Business Women's wing felicitated some 40 women AMC Counsellors and I happened to be present at this function as one of the active Committee member of GCCI Business women's wing. They were awarded for their various contribution and during the brief sum up, I got aware of the work being carried out by AMC by women counsellors.

    Well, I just wonder if these 40 women under the leadership of Malini Atit geared into action, a lot cooler would be apnu amdavad during summer - As such, its getting ready to cool people with the Cool Points - one day it would turn to be not only a city of Gardens n Fountains but a city of Hotels, Restaurants, Coffee bars, Tea centers, juice centers - Food joints where I know all NRIs now visit that even we do not know staying in town! And than, maybe AMC got to swing to action for a Clean apnu amdavad and shove off those kachra dabba found in front of the restaurants! But really, NRIs need only Mineral water bottle but otherwise any kinda food stuff is ok. Afterall, ghar ka khana and apna desh - who isn't fond of?

    - ilaxi

    Monday, March 27, 2006

    Memorable pic of Chandrakant Baxi: Presented by ilaxi

    Pic courtesy : Scanned from copy of Bhaskar city, 23rd Jan 2006.

    What interested me most is that apart from writing 185 Books, Chandrakant Baxi wrote 18 poems. He thought it to be a great art form. Quite surprising but harsh truth that on his death, even the Guj CM Narendrabhai Modi spoke great words for him but unfortunately, Gujarat had no consideration for him. He became the Sheriff of Bombay and his fans gave him ample love. He felt hurt that Gujarat did not give him anything....Interestingly, his articles 'Vintage Wine, Starter, Cocktail and Bottoms Up' had interesting captions but not on hard drinks or wine...whatsoever.

    His memories, we all would cherish for all times to come. Gujarati Literature need to be kept alive and it's real need of hour that Gujarat Leaders takes some action otherwise, its so sad, we are losing our all old literature people and Gujarati Sahitya world would fade...

    Check on our website Sambhaav to read what CM Narendrabhai, Editor Bhupatbhai and others say for Shraddhanjali to Chandrakant Baxi. Read here Dada's words on Shabdpreet too.

    - ilaxi

    Sunday, March 26, 2006

    Our hearts cry as words fail to express the grief of the sad loss of a great Literature person Chandrakantbhai Baxi, a regular columnist, friend and an inspiration to all at Sambhaav.

    Though, I never ever tried to meet him in person, I always tracked his words appearing in all newspapers. An article on Chandrakantbhai with caption'Pustokoni bevdi sadi marvi che' recently appeared in Bhaskar City and the poster lies in front of me near my computer since 23rd Jan 2006, the day it appeared waiting for me to blog on it! Somehow, I always looked the pic of Chandrakantbhai with piled up books and I ever thought of scanning the pic and than writing the blog. However, I missed on the scanning...and the sudden news of his death brought me even closer to this person with a feel that I know him since years. He has been the author of 185 Books and ever said 'words never die and touch the heart of many souls, leaving traces behind'. His first debut novel was 'Padgha dubi gaya'.......What should I say!!!

    Today evening will be Chandrakantbhai's 'Besna' at Gajjar Hall - Memories stay alive in our hearts and for me, he not only became an Inspiration but a memory with that pile of books and Chandrakantbhai's smiling face behind it starring at me near my computer!!! Look here for the Scanned pic soon....

    Well, here's a reader's image that says a lot...Sent by Vinoobhai Sachania from UK.

    We pray for heavenly peace to the departed soul - May Chandrakantbhai Baxi stay into the hearts of his fans for years to come and may his words flow the wisdom in our lives...

    - ilaxi

    Monday, March 20, 2006

    Recently, I read a Japanese-led research team has made a seeing, hearing and smelling robot that can carry human beings and is aimed at helping care for the country’s growing number of elderly.The 100-kilogram robot can also distinguish eight different kinds of smells, can tell which direction a voice is coming from and uses powers of sight to follow a human face.

    There has been a decline in birth rate and population in Japan and since World War II more younger people put off starting a family.

    Now, I wonder, with the increasing younger generation turning to be NRIs, this idea of Robot would be novel so that their parents back at home do not feel helpless without their 'Only Son' or families settled there. After all, they can afford coz its $$$ that all counts, isn't it???? Feelings are almost evaporating these days...everybody wants to make their own lives!!!

    As such, thats why there has been some housing facilities like Amby valley being set up and my town has Adanis I heard, coming up with Old Age homes. This reminds me of the hip hop song (Karmacy) recently showed on MTV : maru dil my heart.......My earlier post had the video (removed now) but you can listen to all songs here and join its mailing list too.

    These guys are my fav rappers..Yo...They rocking! They say for real...the Truth! Yeah, Mistakes can be amended - If there is a will, there is a way! Why repent when you decide .....Face it - That's Life!

    - ilaxi

    Wednesday, March 15, 2006

    Happy Dhuleti.....Fill in Colors of Love, Colors of life - You know what colors mean? And when Krishna played the holi with gopis, it ever been colors of love but indeed was that real or just a mythological tale? Here's one of my articles on krishna in english and gujarati...

    Btw, you will need gujarati old fonts of sambhaav to view the gujarati krishna page. Download and save in your Windows>Fonts and refresh to view.

    - ilaxi

    Saturday, March 11, 2006

    Years roll by....12th March and this date is wishing Sambhaav...Sambhaav started on 12th March 1986 under the flagship of Bhupatbhai Vadodaria, fondly we call him 'bhai' or 'dada'. We wish him Happy Ageing and may he always be in pink health and best spirits as ever.....Also to Bhanuben, who has ever stood beside Bhai and walked all her life in thick n thin.

    Last year, Sambhaav Metro was launched on 12th March and it’s the Human relations that counts for a ‘Team Work’ as we focus more on ‘We’ rathar than ‘I’ and the secrets of a longstanding successive years as they roll by are based on the developed ‘Strengths’ – the inner power of managing to achieve Excellence with a dash of determination and confidence to reach the goals. We thank all readers for your continued support and look forward for your further association so that we can bring the best news 'Sambhaav Metro' to all.

    This year promised to be good with the diversified Sambhaav - SML Hoardings venture and readers may look forward for best reads on Sambhaav Metro, Abhiyaan and SML Hoardings websites....the latter two websites, to be launched in coming days....cross your fingers and keep cool. Enjoy!

    - ilaxi

    PS: Btw, if I remember it was on this day, 12th March 1930 that Gandhiji in his boldest act of civil disobedience against British rule, began a long march to the sea in protest of the British salt tax. Gandhi and his followers eventually reached the Arabian Sea, where they made their own salt by evaporating sea water. The march, which resulted in the arrest of Gandhi and 60,000 others, earned new international respect and support for the leader and his movement. Gandhi's nonviolent methods, including dramatic hunger strikes, eventually did bring great results to his goal of Indian independence in 1947.

    Any Caption you can give to this pic? E-mail me....

    Monday, March 06, 2006

    Slow updates and missing news? So happens...its a part of the management flaw! However perfect we tend to be, always a loophole we face somewhere. Relax, there is always a change and change is always good sometimes. Watch out the space for better outcome at and figure out the difference in time to come. Keep the patience - the best virtue ever!

    Well, now that the news bangs of the US-India Reach Agreement on Nuke Deal has been said a success amidst protest to Bush's visit.The fuelling of arms race between India and Pakistan with the sale of sophisticated weaponry to both countries suits the US interests perfectly as well as providing a good market for its arms manufacturers. Whatever be it, a game plan or a power sale, its upto to the Government to accept or refuse the Offer of US!

    I wonder, Do India and Pakistan need any more hi-tech, exorbitantly priced weapons for each other? Aren’t the nuclear bombs and missiles sufficient? President of the United States of America offered the President of Pakistan a whole bunch of F-16s, and even collected cash on the deal. Pakistan is still waiting to put those fighters to some historic use. What's the need?

    Ugh,oh! A survey was conducted by CBS News recently. According to the poll, it reveals more Americans disapprove of how President George W. Bush is handling his job and are pessimistic about the Iraqi situation than ever. Mr Bush’s approval rating in the survey taken on Wednesday to Saturday fell to 34 per cent, the lowest it has been since he took office in 2001 and six per cent lower than last month. Altogether 59 per cent of respondents disapproved of the job President Bush was doing. Even in his war on terrorism, usually his strongest suit in opinion surveys, President Bush’s approval rating dropped to an all-time low of 43 per cent, with 50 per cent disapproving of his actions.

    Do a common human being care? What about our own CM? His fate is again gonna hang with the Best Bakery verdict....It's all a part of the Politicial games....Beware of all Politicians, I would say!

    - ilaxi