Friday, April 14, 2006

While working on web, I came to know these guys Ajay Sanghani & Shiv who were actively involved with Internet Projects. It was a treat for me to run a site called for Shiv who was also an Osho fan and I fantasy read Osho and wrote articles related to Osho thoughts. This domain is now sold, I guess! As time flew, Shiv lost in oblivion and I lost his trace but Ajay - he still is with his own UK-based E-business Consulltancy.

Recently, he invited me to Blog for and I got tempted to casual Blog there to share my piece of Blogging. I posted on webproworld, syndicationpro etc (Posting do chart me on #1 in Google and bring me readers for my websites to,, & too;-) is a group of IT professionals who launched India’s first network of technology blogs that allows its members to create their own blogs and share knowledge on information technology. The network also hosts expert-managed blogs in areas of coding, design, database, operating systems (OS), emerging technologies, enterprise solutions, outsourcing, web and wireless technologies. Ajay says, “With blogs around, the web is now no more just a library, but also an interactive conversation platform allowing active participation by all users not only to read, but also write and comment. Ajay's aim is to build the largest blogging network of IT Professionals with a purpose to create information, share knowledge, interact with peers, learning, growing and creating opportunities for each other. 'Gain IT, Share IT' - the Slogan itself says all, allowing members access to gain and share IT Knowledge.

Sounds Interesting? Join the team of Ajay Sanghani and start Blogging right away. If you ever wish to talk to him and hear his most professional voice, ring him on 98200 20753.

- ilaxi

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