Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Blog : Merriam-Webster's Dictionary awarded it "the word of the year" in 2004. In that particular year, the percentage of Internet users who had read blogs spiked sharply from 17% to 27%. It's 2006 and the Blogging is become a 'Revolution'. Blogs power the 'Journalism Revolution' too. Laurel Touby, founder of Mediabistro.com, says media companies like hers are looking to bloggers to fill gaps in coverage. Rather than hiring a full-time beat reporter, they hire a part-time blogger for a lot less. Respected bloggers typically are obsessed with the subject matter they cover, she adds, and they attract a community of like-minded individuals that companies want to reach.

Blogs and websites will have a higher priority than the press. The flourishing of blogs, estimated at more than 700,000 worldwide, has created a new space for self-expression on political and social matters. Here's the October 2005 estimated figures of Bloggers as per the country. Pay is all over the map - from a low of $4 per post to a flat fee of up to $75,000 for a sponsored site, according to research by Blog Business Summit. Full-time, salaried bloggers earn in the $20,000 to $70,000 range, depending on skill level and benefits.

Recently, Adam Penenberg at Wired News breaks down the earnings of those who blog for a living at Weblogs Inc. and Gawker Media. Adam L. Penenberg is an assistant professor at New York University and assistant director of the business and economic reporting program in the school's department of journalism and he specifically reports on 'Can Bloggers Strike it Rich' at wired news.

Well, isn't this cool? I would say, If wishes were horses, beggars would ride....With so many Gujarati bloggers coming up too, you think these Gujju Bloggers will have a fair chance of earning 4$ per post? Wish you all Bloggers 'Happy surfing to get hired' - btw, here's MSN and Google looking for techie buffs. What its like to work in Bangalore or Hyderabad! Microsoft is recruiting Paid Bloggers. So, here's chances for many to fly down back to India....One thing is so sure and true, once you join Google, Bangalore, I've heard 'Nobody leaves' . If you get a job here, jes lemme know...but hey, be careful with MSN guys coz I know - their projects keep changing day in and out, like the Msn-Talkcity homepages teams were lurked in oblivion - maybe these bloggers are lurked in the dark!

- ilaxi

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