Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Come summer and AMC has to get on its toes to swing to action to make the city turn to City of Gardens and Fountains! Now, the figures say 19 fountains fall under AMC, out of which seven are found to be working! Some 17 fountains are sponsored. A budget was allocated last year for the maintenance to Rs.5 lacs which is to be doubled this year. Whatever, whatever, the kankaria fountain is the best in town and I feel fountains owned by private parties function well.

Recently, Chamber of Commerce Business Women's wing felicitated some 40 women AMC Counsellors and I happened to be present at this function as one of the active Committee member of GCCI Business women's wing. They were awarded for their various contribution and during the brief sum up, I got aware of the work being carried out by AMC by women counsellors.

Well, I just wonder if these 40 women under the leadership of Malini Atit geared into action, a lot cooler would be apnu amdavad during summer - As such, its getting ready to cool people with the Cool Points - one day it would turn to be not only a city of Gardens n Fountains but a city of Hotels, Restaurants, Coffee bars, Tea centers, juice centers - Food joints where I know all NRIs now visit that even we do not know staying in town! And than, maybe AMC got to swing to action for a Clean apnu amdavad and shove off those kachra dabba found in front of the restaurants! But really, NRIs need only Mineral water bottle but otherwise any kinda food stuff is ok. Afterall, ghar ka khana and apna desh - who isn't fond of?

- ilaxi

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