Saturday, November 01, 2003

Now that Diwali is gone, Commercialisation in a way over-shadowed the festive spirits in homeland. The competition is not only with products but seems the web too is flooded with lot of Competition too to keep going. Recently, we hear of the MSN Split - one to take control of Web communications while the other develops its information portal and targets growth in areas such as search technology and music services, it sure delivers the fact that Microsoft poured billions into the division to tackle emerging threats, MSN evolved into something of a hodgepodge of software and services managing everything from dial-up access, a Web portal and Hotmail to the MSN Messenger instant messaging service. It’s been also decided to invest in developing search services to challenge Google Inc.'s position as the Internet's top search engine.

Now the point is MSN – Talkcity, a once upon togetherness, broke off with Talkcity who headed for progress with its own chat rooms. MSN scrapped off all its homepages on msn and talkcity servers did the same, due to which, hard work of many hundreds of people went to dumps. I've been as HTCC (Home Team Community Crew-Cyber patrolling MSN-Talkcity Homepages) and have witnessed great changes at these two websites in past. Now MSN is heading for a swirl of change for ‘innovative at a more rapid space’ - as referred by David Cole, Sr. Vice president in charge of MSN. Thus, with ever changing, One only wonders IT sector is coming up to scale higher or finding new avenues to keep going? The five W’s (who, what, when, where & why) on the Internet is a continuous mystery as we lately foresee many IT professionals getting jobless in foreign land and newer opportunities focused in the same sector in homeland! Isn’t this the result that India is getting cheaper job work done saving millions of dollars of American companies – no doubt, IT field to boom up in India with more job opportunities esp. in Bangalore and Hyderabad. Remains to be seen, Will there be E-com boom or doom! Time will speak.

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