Thursday, May 20, 2010

Go Green : Join the Green Campaign

E-green Initiatives:
Go Green and the Government has all plans set ready to roll down and involve environment lovers to go eco friendly. The State's Forest and Environment Department I hear has announced appointment of green volunteers in city areas for protection of trees and to increase the social forestry in urban areas. Interested citizens and organisations will be motivated to be Green Guards. Students, teachers, eco clubs, environment lovers, environmentalists, social workers or any citizen can join the Green Guard movement. Be Green Ambassadors and motivators will play their role to join hands with the government to face global warming.

The Swarnim pledge is happenning and everybody wants to contribute and add zest to life. Be it Read Gujarat initiative or Go Green - life moves on and maybe soon enough, we have the Health Gujarat initiative to guide our kids and stop them being obese by eating the junk outside!

Well, here's a new topic on Environment Column and be there, every week for a question that rolls down on Environment concerns. If you have one, do send your question right away.

- ilaxi