Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rich nations do need to contribute fair share

Copenhagen and the buzz is that Prime Minister Singh is in Copenhagen right now with Environment Minister Ramesh making decisions that will determine India's future.

India has lobbied hard for the removal of both the peak year and 2 degree targets. India is understandably reluctant to commit to these global targets unless rich countries agree to do their fair share of emissions reductions. The biggest contributor to these emissions is USA. I think they are shirking their responsibilities and has more of their mess.

You can call PM Mr. Singh and Env Minister Ramesh if you think India should not block a 2 degrees target at Copenhagen. Instead it should be the driving force.

Without a strong Copenhagen treaty, our rivers will flood, our coastline will disappear, and our farmland will dry up as the Himalayan glaciers disappear. India must lead at Copenhagen if our people are to survive.

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- ilaxi