Tuesday, December 09, 2003

It is said ‘You are the master of your own Thoughts. Your mind is a Thought Factory and you know your Interior self well as well as everybody’s exterior which people have made it beautiful. Exteriors are show pieces and can be deceptive.’ It is the first step to bring all the flowers to blossom and just be ‘yourself’. Life is corrupted by ambition and there is no other poison than this as it kills inner self and keep you breathing. Success becomes a great failure as ambition drifts you further and further to achieve – It is competitive as mind continuously find ways and means to win. It is tough path where one needs to be courageous and this is when we pick up the pearls scattered on the way. The goal is always there and all required is to grab the opportunities that your come your way or just shrug off accepting what may come and be ‘yourself’ exploring, experiencing, grabbing the moments of Awareness drink the wine of life!


Monday, December 08, 2003

When it comes to negotiations, sometimes, somewhere we fail! Effective sales professionals, persuaders and negotiators are good at using both the 'Push and Pull Style methods.' The new generation B school training seems to be full of bugs coz what you never learn there is 'Communicating & Negotiating skills'. The fluency comes with business environments, developing human relationships and most specifically - practical approach. For a short term result, the push style approach is best. The tele marketing is the best example as with limited time available or rathar selling an on-spot consumer item with relatively low cost. On the other hand, where the financial commitment is higher and the product or service is such that there needs to be a long term commitment between the buyer and the seller, the Pull Strategy is fine. The buyer makes own decision and is self enforcing. If a customer is convinced, the risk of losing the sale is lower. In selling an Insurance policy, that's how Personal Accident policies are easier to sell with a quick info and low premiums but for a Life - Wheww, its a lot convincing the customer and showing him to follow the right track - of coz that's 'Safeguarding, a security' for his life and earning hefty commissions too!