Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Last week, I went for the Book Launch of Desi Dream Merchants by A.G.Krishnamurthy at Crosswords, Mithakhali.(9th April 2006) Among the present was the guest, Mr. Vimal Ambani. This Mudra Leader launched his first book 'The Invisible CEO' last year as Mudra completed 25 years. What impressed me was the speech of Krish, as he spoke of the team spirits of Mudra. The Desi Dream Merchants Back cover begins "Management theorists have opined that leaders need followers. And having a dream team is one of the latent desires of all managers and leaders." Rightly said 'Krish' but than the 'Boss is the speed of the Team', I would say:-)

Krishnamurthy conveyed a message at the end of his speech to the new Generation to "Keep the Faith in your own-self and believe in your own Dreams - If you dream and work hard, sooner or later, success is at your own door-step", he quipped.

Mudra as an agency has been quintessentially Indian. The logo with those two artistic hands in a striking dance posture and the ability to think in Indian languages, to appeal to the Indian consumer still remains. If you visit the Mudra website, it sure has the classic appeal with the Indian music notations being played 'Sa, re, ga, ma, pa, dha, ni sa or you call it 'Do, re, me..' The agency was understandably proud of its Indian roots - carrying the tagline “Made in India”. And whilst it had multinational clients, it had a wide range of clients who respected and valued its uniqueness and if one may add indianness. Brands like Vimal, Rasna, Binnies, Nutrine, Dhara, and Symphony were happy clients of the agency for years on end.

In Desi Dream Merchants, AG Krishnamurthy, the Mudra Man, in sequeal to The Invisible CEO reveals the inside story of Mudra - a desi ad agency catering to the needs of the Indian Business. In his amiable style, the author enlivens the book involving the team spirits with anecdotes and stories of the team. The book also has extracts of AGK Speak column in Business standard. Krish speaks of his bygone days, remembering Dhirubhai Ambani, who way back in 1980 handed Krish the mandate to begin the Mudra Ad Agency and create the best textile advertising in India with a minimum Rs.35,000/-. Dhirubhai put a lorry load of Trust and enough fuel to last till the nearest petrol pump, Krish says as he got to task, the right people and who obviously 'walked English, talked English and Advertised English.

The book is the Making of Mudra and is worth a story to be read from the Mudra Founder, A.G.Krishnamurthy and his team. Desi Dream Merchants is a veritable treat to leaders, would-be leaders, advertising and marketing professionals.

- ilaxi

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