Friday, July 07, 2006

Life is full of uncertaintes and you never know what's gonna be your next moment in life! Quite evident from the death of Pankajbhai Trivedi - and it's been sad to know that the temples of spirituality are shaking one's faith to doom. Bitter fight over Panduranga Atahavale's legacy worth crores! It is learnt Pankajbhai had wrote to CM as well as to US Secret service for help, yet his life could not be saved! Well, Its said, 'Beware of three p's : Priest, Politician and ugh...its universal, the third is Press!

Anyways, I been trailing on a different plane on the web exploring some great channels like msn spaces and hi 5 here humans get to make friendship out of the blue moon! I guess its the state of mind for many people to ignore their own near and dear ones who exist in real life and they try to find friendship and solace in strangers whom they never met or prolly, won't meet at all or even won't know who the real person is! Way to go ...on Web!

Last week also been hectic with me as I shunted from home to office and back, re-designing and setting right my Company Family Biz website dealing in chemicals, dyes, Insurance, Car Finance, Hotel Bookings, etc. It's great to explore and write on many topics and the Swagat Blog is sure to give a scoop on varied topics in time to come. Enjoy!

- ilaxi

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