Monday, June 12, 2006

A human mind is like a parachute - Works best when it is Open! Yeah, our mind is a Thought Factory and as thoughts keep pouring in, sometimes we are baffled with so many questions that we are at a loss to find an answer!

Well, recently I came across Yahoo Answers. It's a place we find so cozy and lively as we keep interacting with people all over the web. Either Asking Questions or Answering Questions - It definitely is a place where you can spend hours and call it a freaking place on web. Humans are social animals and this is rightly said. The MSN spaces, Yahoo Answers, Google Answers, Ask Jeeves, etc. are flourishing on web. These Answer engines are just on the radar screens of large web search providers. Services like BrainBoost offers answers mined from the open web. We've also read about search technology from Kozoru that will soon play in this space.

Google has even launched Q&A services, results directly on the Search Results Page. I feel with a low paying Question ranging from 2$ upto $2000, the chosen Researchers answerd the questions accurately and with great responsibility otherwise, Researchers with low ratings would be fired as Google encourage eloquence and accuracy. This is not the case with Yahoo Answers which is a major minus point on part of Yahoo as anybody can answer whatever they feel right. Yahoo and Msn seem to be paying more attention towards quantity rathar than the quality and more into entertaining people - Feeding what people want and that is, just another kind of way to build friendship relations!

Orkut is yet another place on the web in affiliation to Google. It is an online community that connects people through a network of trusted friends.They are committed to providing an online meeting place where people can socialize, make new acquaintances and find others who share their interests. For the Sports lover is the Joga for the Football Fans which is also a Google Login. You can build your own groups and clubs, share all kinds of football-related info, upload photos and video, and get updates on matches and events.

So much breathing space huh! And lastly, here is with a "Bang" a Gujarati Group - the only one on the Web as far as I know : forsv - Hmmm...this one's 'For SV' - and you keep on guessing what that SV stand for! For sv says, "when Gujaratis travel to distant lands, what they miss here back home is their very own 'mother tongue' - a language that is universally spoken 'Gujarati' and hence, its all an effort to build a community together and speak in a common language together.

Maybe, this gives a reason for many Gujaratis to interact under a roof on web at SV Forums and part with information and knowledge galore on topics ranging from Introduction, News, Blog world, Medicine, Literature, Recipe, Music and so on....

If you are a gujarati and want to write in Gujarati, interact with gujarati people worldwide, here is your chance to write in Gujarati - Read gujarati, write gujarati, talk gujarati and if you need help on How to write in Gujarati, here is my help file. Just download the fonts and start writing, Ahoy! Enjoy!

- ilaxi

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Dear Ilaxi,
Good initiative,
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