Saturday, June 10, 2006

While watching the Football game yesterday, it was a thrill to see Germany-Costa Rica game with Germans on a win 4-2. Especially, Klose Miroslav on his way to grab two goals for the Germany was a superb performance, alert n timely. Well, while watching, I blah blah about my childhood summer hols, having spent most of time watching the Football at Sadar Bazar in the Camp area of my town and memories flooded of those kicking days. And what a surprize, my morning again was with the same Sadar Bazar news featured by a prominent newspaper Divya Bhaskar. Of coz their online site miss many updated news of the print and hence, this one's not there there I guess!

Yeah, Ahmedabad's Sadar Bazar is the Mini Brazil. There are 47 teams and 650 players so far, out of which 65 players reached the National level. The Britishers left the traces and the army area of cantonment took over the playground areas where Football is played since years. It is indeed great to know that a 76 year old Fakir Mohammed has played the Santosh Trophy for seven times and the new generation kids are active into Soccer coaching currently.

Well, Interested in World Cup Soccer Game? Here is Google teamed up with Joga - Here you can build your own groups and clubs, share all kinds of football-related info, upload photos and video, and get updates on matches and events. Write your own Blog and make friends, send messages...Isn't this Interesting?

- ilaxi

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