Thursday, May 04, 2006

We read biographies and autobiographies to acquaint ourselves with the lives of great men and the times they lived in. Here is 'Blood Brothers' by MJ Akbar which combines history, biography and fiction. I ever enjoyed reading
Shade of Swords by MJ but here is a skillfully crafted family saga across three generations.

When I blogged away reviews of this Book 'Blood Brothers', it's given me an immense feeling of a job worth done and exposed - A writer understands 'words' more and this is a meaningful book with MJ's insights, humour, arguments, debates and above all, the social interpretations.

Well, here's what people have to say for 'Blood Brothers' by MJ Akbar. Btw, look forward for 'Guardian of Angels:A practical guide to joyful parenting by Ilaxi (yeah, that's me, an unpublished Author; hopefully,soon to be published!) Watch for Excerpts at

- ilaxi

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