Thursday, December 07, 2006 now present Online Kids Reporters (Journalists) & Jr. Editors. The idea is to promote children Talents and encourage them for creativity and Journalism with their Online reporting. This needs real time devotion, dedication and determination. To begin with, I have two kids Reporters who are on their way exploring to present their info pieces to kids round the world. (Namrata Jaykrishna & Nidhi Nair)

If you have students below 15 and wish to inspire them by adding their name to the Kidsfreesouls Crew (members Contribution), please send your email with their profile and pic with their info pieces and contributions.

Btw, here is my recent Plog on my Book Page Guardian of Angels'>'Guardian of Angels: A practical guide to joyful parenting'. Amazon has an amazing way to keep its Authors keep interacting to its Amazon customers and promote products. Well, here I go with my Author's Plog on the web - Enjoy your reads here and post your comments - Give my book **stars*, write review of my book, vote for me or just Add my RSS Feeds of Book Reviews & Amazon Blog/Plog to read in feed readers.

Bouquets or Brickbats, please - you're welcome:-)

- ilaxi

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