Saturday, September 19, 2009

Navratri begins - Check Faith

Navratri begins and as you watch live the inaugural function at Gujarat University, click Kidsfreesouls Navratri pages to listen to Arti (wait till it plays or download) and find info.

Dive deep to your inner self and see what your conscious say!

Do you go to temple to pray & hardly take the trouble to join hands in your own home temple
Do you have bias against other religions? If yes, .Why?
Have you fought over religion with someone anytime?
Do you insist on your own religious beliefs or respect others too?
Do you think religion is more a hype nowadays?
Do you think people have turned religious as temples line up with devotees or is it due to problems they turn?
Has religious places turned to be business booming?
Do you keep prejudice because of religion?
Do you read the books of your own faith or others too?
Have you read the book of your religion?
Do you think religious stories were ‘framed’ by our ancestors?
When you celebrate a festival, do you try to find the Religious aspects behind it?
When you pray, what do say? Where are your thoughts?
Do you have faith in yourself and things that you can do? In others?

- ilaxi

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