Saturday, April 16, 2005

A red carpet welcome to President Gen. Pervez Musharraf to India - Nay, not by many Indian Bloggers on the web who support 'Not Welcome Banner' by placing it on their websites. The detals can be found at
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    Well, well, now this does not mean that we do not welcome the President but on the contrary, Pervez Musharraf arrives in India for weekend of prayers, peace talks and cricket. As said on his
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  • - 'The fortune always favors The Brave, it doesn't matter what he wears' - he sure is 'Brave'! He says "It's a very historic visit. I think it has more chances of optimism because the environment is different. It is friendly and congenial and there is a desire on both sides to make it a success." One can only await how the Indian born Pakistani Leader tackles issues with PM over kashmir issue and soften the ceasefire line splitting Kashmir, including joint security for the bus service.

    Now, I heard the US - President Bush is excited with Indo-US ties.
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