Thursday, September 05, 2013

Teachers' Day and CM's message

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5th September and it's Teachers' Day - CM honoured the best teachers on the occassion and shared his thoughts on teaching. He mentioned that we are now in the era of learning and we must think of ways through which we can make our children learn more. Learning is more important than the strength of teaching. He felt that there is no age limit to learning and said, it is important that if every teacher aspire to learn, students are sure to excel. 

I agree. In the age of technology, the time is here that teachers get on board to go tech savvy. What is more important is 'Reading' - Tell me, do teachers read? Oh really they do? Where is the time, ask me and I have found this answer from many. A well read teacher can teach and a well informed teacher can help children learn as well as sharpen his/her own teaching skills.

Our Education system needs to be revamped - Isn't it Mr. CM ? Follow the speech and CM interaction with children on

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