Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Gujarati Spell Bee and Blogging...

Enhance Gujarati word Power. I couldn't ever speak better Gujarati but being among many Gujarati bloggers, I have a chance to sneak in and peek a boo into the gujarati language and dictionaries that ever give me a clarity of the language.

Recently, I came across Vijay Shah's "Spell Bee" contest online. You have to follow the Bhagavadgomandal here which has the key features which say:

>In nine volumes and nearly 10,000 pages, it is the first Gujarati Gyankosh published after an extensive exercise of 27 years.
>2.81 lac words and with their meanings total number of words are 8.22 lac.
>It provides extensive, exhaustive and rare information on every subject, word and name.
>Nine volumes include 28,156 idioms and more than 10,000 proverbs.
>It is a golden-treasure for our mother tongue Gujarati.
>It is not a simple dictionary, but a rare as well as authentic encyclopedia in true sense of the term.

Well, for the Spell Bee competition, what you do is follow the rules on Vijay Shah's "Spell Bee" contest online - browse through the above Bhagavadgomandal - pick your words and take part to the initiative of Also follow Gujarati Blog World here on Gujarati sahitya Sarita and also on Vivek Tailor's site. I am sure, if you are not blogging in Gujarati, these sites will inspire you to continue reading and writing Gujarati and Blog too.


- ilaxi

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