Friday, October 02, 2009

My First Freesouls Page on Gandhiji

Friday, 1st October, 1999 - A copy of Freesouls in Sambhaav Newspapers.

My first Freesouls page of 15th October, 1997 was of Gandhiji too!

And the most highly surfed page on is of Gandhiji!

And Khadi, I use to wear and still do. My wardrobe has Khadi silk sarees and dresses!

Gandhian values and it comes from within.

I agree with some, it is difficult to follow the Gandhian principles today but I guess, pick some and leave some, Attitude is all that makes a Big Difference!

Here is Gandhi's view On Self Development :

* Don’t hide your ignorance out of false shame.

* Never mind if you are mistaken for a fool, but don’t take the risk of going wrong as a result of your ignorance.

* The mind itself is our enemy as well as our friend. It is our duty to keep it under control. No medicine from a doctor is required for this.

* Contentment is best of riches.

* Thought is father of action. Watch your habits as they become permanent and so adopt good ones.

Click for Kidsfreesouls cover on Gandhiji. And yes, go down memory lane. Send your or your child's drawing/painting and get featured on cover and Color Paste Board. Join the Facebook Event too.

- ilaxi

1 comment:

abualmaty said...

mahatma . is most tolerant man, who knew how to use noneviolence to get what he want .
his victory was like americale! he was using self suffering to let issues to be tackled.
from his hunger for days.
who is able to sacrifice like him?
only few people whom can do that today!!!!
so to speak the world today need some body like him.
unfortunately there is somegroup appeared in india did not learnt from his wisdom and making troubles.
your colleague adamsoney.