Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Diwali & Prosperous New Year 2009

Happiness keeps you sweet,
Trials make you strong,
Sorrows keep you human,
Failures make you humble,
Success keeps you glowing
God Keeps you Going!

Happy, prosperous, healthy n peaceful New Year!

An sms I just received and yeah, we all need the wonderful thoughts to keep going.

Well, Diwali is rocking as it never was before! Illuminated lights bring in joys in abundance as people are found rejoicing on the streets, at home - sharing the joys of living.

Wishing all my readers who pass this way - good health, long life, peace and joy - click kidsfreesouls for reading on Diwali. Enjoy.

- ilaxi

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abualmaty said...

hello ms ilax, frankly such thing like this people should keep on as its asign to show love and reexisted again in on the earth.
people now adays became so materialistic!!!!they forget humanity and kindnees.
when festive be remembered give another hope to things to be as it used to be.
adamsoney from