Thursday, July 09, 2009

Video of C G Road - Walker's Paradise

Watch the video of the busiest C G Road on 4th July and the 'No Car Day' - Walker's Paradise CG Road on 5th July. Credits goes to 'Kaushik' who shows the picture of our city and presents on the web on 'You Tube' - Indeed, the idea behind the Walker's Paradise goes to AMC and Ahmedabad Traffic Police to experiment 'Go Green' - No pollution, no stress.

Kaushik has done an indepth video coverage and I am sure, many of you out there are going to love to see a city transforming to wonders. You are missing the love of your life and that is 'Ahmedabad' a paradise in Gujarat.

Watch the video below or log to You Tube. Be patient, if your lines are slow like mine:-)

- ilaxi

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